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The Void's Top 149 Canadian Songs Of All Time

149. "Relapsing" - Boys Night Out
148. "River Of Styx" - High Holy Days
147. "Summerlong" - Emm Gryner
146. "Leader" - Bif Naked
145. "Desperate Hearts" - C'mon
144. "500 Up" - Sloan
143. "3 Angels" - The Headstones
142.  "Picture My Face" - Teenage Head
141. "First Day Of Spring" - The Gandharvas
140. "I'm Still Searching" - Glass Tiger
139. "She's The One" - Rymes With Orange
138. "Mind Flood" - Sam Roberts
137. "Rock n' Roll Is A Vicious Game" - April Wine
136. "Last Of The Big Game Hunters" - Barstool Prophets
135. "Levitate" - I Mother Earth
134. "The Land Between" - The Sadies
133. "Sirens" - The Pack AD
132. "Call It Off" - Tegan & Sara
131. "Hallelujah" - Leonard Cohen
130. "It" - Rich Aucoin
129. "Zoom" - The Watchmen
128. "Choke" - T.O.E
127.  "Cordelia" - The Tragically Hip
126. "I Go Blind" - 54.40
125. "Chip" - The Real McKenzies
124. "Alabama Hotel Room" - Matthew Good Band
123. "Any Sense Of Time" - The Inbreds
122. "Wolves" - Big Wreck
121. "Sprawl 2 (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" - The Arcade Fire
120. "Painted Ladies" - Ian Thomas
119. "Transfiguration" - Copyright
118. "Soaked" - The Killjoys
117. "Never Gonna Give You Up" - Julian Taylor
116. "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead" - Stars
115. "Rave & Drool" - The Killjoys
114. "Lady Venom" - Swollen Members
113. "Into The Darkness" - Kittie
112.  "Midnight Rain" - Wide Mouth Mason
111.  "Curious" - Sandbox
110. "Ophelia" - Moist
109. "Alive" - Edwin
108. "My Girl (Gone Gone Gone)" - Chilliwhack
107. "Change The Sheets" - Kathleen Edwards
106. "Jacob's Ladder" - Rush
105. "5 O'Clock" - Mudmen
104. "Misogyny" - Rusty
103. "Mummer's Dance" - Loreena McKennit
102. "Shine Your Light" - Robbie Robertson
101. "Bleeding Heart Show" - The New Pornographers
100. "Surrender" - Billy Talent
99. "Fashionable People" - Joel Plaskett Emergency
98. "Ticket To Immortality" - The Dears
97. "Sweet City Woman" - The Stampeders
96. "Road Regrets" - Dan Mangan
95. "Boys & Girls" - The Balconies
94. "Hope" - Our Lady Peace
93. "Both Sides Now" - Joni Mitchell
92. "Sleeping Sickness" - Dallas Green
91. "It Can't Rain All The Time" - Jane Sibbery
90. "Feel It" - Jakalope
89. "Share The Land" - The Guess Who
88. "Astounded" - Bran Van 3000
87. "Hard Sun" - Indio
86. "When The Night Feels My Song" - Beaudoin Soundclash
85. "Sweet Mary" - Equalizer
84. "Dear Sons & Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts" - Wolf Parade
83. "Boiled Frogs" - Alexisonfire
82. "Take It On Faith" - Matt Mays
81. "Yesterday Never Tomorrows" - The Stills
80. "Into The Fire" - Sara McLachlan
79."Cubically Contained" - The Headstones
78. "The Other Shoe" - Fucked Up
77. "Smoke Baby" - Hawksley Workman
76. "Bobcaygeon" - The Tragically Hip
75. 'Let Go The Line" - Max Webster
74. "Sundown" - Gordon Lightfoot
73. "Wicked & Weird" - Buck 65
72. "Lost Together" - Blue Rodeo
71. "Sleepy Maggie" - Ashley MacIsaac
70. "Sons Of Hostage Life" - Hostage Life
69. "Hope & Ruin" - The Trews
68. "Empty Cell" - Rusty
67. "Unknown Legend" - Neil Young
66. "Red Heart" - Hey Rosetta!
65. "Bad Time To Be Poor" - Rheostatics
64. "Lean On Your Peers" - Blackie & The Rodeo Kings
63. "Rebellion (Lies)" - The Arcade Fire
62. "Being Here" - The Stills
61. "Afternoons & Coffeespoons" - Crash Test Dummies
60. "Call & Answer" - Barenaked Ladies
59. "Absolutely Anytime" - The Watchmen
58. "Oblivion" - Grimes
57. "How You Remind Me" - Nickelback
56. "The Messenger" - Daniel Lanois/The Tea Party
55. "The Weight" - The Band
54. "Stadium Love" - Metric
53. "Amerika" - Wintersleep
52.  "A Cross And A Girl Named Blessed" - Evan's Blue
51. "Political" - Spirit Of The West
50. "Take A Minute" - K'Naan
49. "The Man I Used To Be" - K-os
48. "I Lost My Baby" - Jean Leloup
47. "Quicksand" - Finger Eleven
46. "Romantic Rights" - Death From Above 1979
45. "Mushaboom" - Feist
44. "Friend Of Mine" - Treblecharger
43. "Heaven Sent" - Esthero
42. "Dreaded Fist" - The Rascalz
41. "Walking With A Ghost" - Tegan & Sara
40. "Tree's Lounge" - Hayden
39. "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" - Gordon Lightfoot
38. "Charlotte" - Kittie
37. "Makin' Sunshine" - The Trews
36. "That Song" - Big Wreck
35. "Possession" - Sara McLachlan
34. "Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)" - The Arcade Fire
33. "Jane" - Barenaked Ladies
32. "Explode" - Nelly Furtado
31. "The Needle & The Damage Done" - Neil Young
30. "Shine" - The Doughboys
29. "Nautical Disaster" - The Tragically Hip
28. "Believe Me" - Moist
27. "Thief" - Our Lady Peace
26.  "Home For A Rest" - Spirit Of The West
25. "Born Losers" - Matthew Good
24. "Head Over Feet" - Alanis Morissette
23. "These Eyes" - The Guess Who
22. "Harvest Moon" - Neil Young
21. "The Bazaar" - The Tea Party
20. "Speak Slow" - Tegan & Sara
19. "Ilfracombe" - Hawksley Workman
18. "The Grace" - Neverending White Lights
17. "Rationale" - King Cobb Steelie
16. "The Lines You Amend" - Sloan
15. "Used To Be Alright" - I Mother Earth
14. "Twin Cinema" - The New Pornographers
13. "Limelight" - Rush
12. "Uninvited" - Alanis Morissette
11. "Up On Cripple Creek" - The Band
10. "Wake Up" - The Arcade Fire
09. "Charms" - Philosopher Kings
08. "Wheat Kings" - The Tragically Hip
07. "Apparitions" - Matthew Good Band
06. "Red" - Treblecharger
05. "Naveed" - Our Lady Peace
04. "Companion (Lay Me Down)" - Wide Mouth Mason
03. "Hazards Of Sitting Beneath Palm Trees" - Hayden
02. "Leave It Alone" - Moist
01."All Uncovered" - The Watchmen

Monday, 30 May 2016

10 Great Songs That Reference Other Artists

Music gets inspiration from various sources. Nature, human emotions and very often other musical artists. But it's not very often that musicians will name drop those inspirational acts in their lyrics, explicitly or not. Let's take a look at 10 songs that do that very thing.

1. Something Corporate - "Konstantine"

Also known as SoCo, sadly, Something Corporate are a pop-punk band from California. They broke up in 2006 and briefly reformed in 2010. Their hey days were definitely the late 90's and early 2000's when pop punk was ruling the radio and some of the most successful touring festivals were headlined sponsored by skateboard companies and headlined by pop punk/ punk/ emo and screamo. "Konstantine" was introduced to me as the "Stairway To Heaven" of our generation. It's an eight minute opus with ups and downs, highs and lows. It also references one of Something Corporate's favourite bands Jimmy Eat World's song "For Me This Is Heaven" and speaking of Jimmy Eat World...

2. Jimmy Eat World - "Kill"

Often cited among influences for many of the young punk bands who formed in the last 15 years Jimmy Eat World, the great champions of emo, have influences and favourite bands themselves. Their song "Kill" off the 2004 album Futures features a nod to Heatmiser, Elliott Smith's former band. It references lyrics from "Half Right" on the record Mic City released in 1996.

3. The Tragically Hip - "Bobcaygeon"

I feel like The Hip have been talked about a lot lately, for some unfortunate reasons, but they have a whole catalog full of great songs to enjoy and talk about. Gord Downie can write about anything and everything and shoehorn several worlds into a single song next to each other. Yes he talks about Willie Nelson early in this song, but the real interesting reference is when he talks about Toronto and it's "checkerboard floor" which in itself could be a reference to the legendary Toronto venue Horseshoe Tavern, which actually had a checkerboard floor. A band that played there frequently was The Men They Couldn't Hang, while there is no proof of them ever inciting a riot there have been a few class-war riots between several groups with that sort of music being partially blamed.

4. Blackie & The Rodeo Kings - "Lean On Your Peers"

Tom Wilson is a Canadian legend in the music world. He's played with many acts and is respected by countless of his own peers. Blackie & The Rodeo Kings' band name itself is a reference to Willie P. Bennett's album Blackie & The Rodeo King, and one of my favourite songs by them is "Lean On Your Peers". One verse in the song talks about Hamilton's punk king and references the legendary Keys to Bala in Ontario's Muskoka region. Though the song calls the character "Hank" I had a feeling it was actually a reference to the lead singer of Hamilton's Teenagehead, Frankie Venom. Tom Wilson tweeted me back when I asked him with the simple response "Who else..right?"

5. Don McLean - "American Pie"

I could do a blog post on just this one song, and I really should some day. Don McLean was very effected by the death of Buddy Holly and wrote the song "American Pie" about it.  While the main theme of the song was him recalling the day "The Music Died" he litters the rest of the lyrics with countless jabs and nods to artists creating music and the state of the scene since the death of Holly. He mentions The Quartet (The Beatles), The Jester (Bob Dylan), The Byrds, Lennon, The Rolling Stone and a girl who sings the blues (Janis Joplin). Honestly one of these days i'll break it all down, it's very intriguing.

6. The Who - "You Better You Bet"

T.Rex were a band largely credited with kicking off the Glam Rock movement in the UK shortly after the 60's came to an end. They released several albums in their few years of existence until their lead singer and key songwriter Marc Bolan was killed in a car accident in 1977. During that brief period they inspired the likes of The Smiths, David Bowie, Siousxie & The Banshees, The Ramones and The Who. David Bowie referenced the band in his song he wrote for Mott The Hoople ("All The Young Dudes) and Pete Townshend included the line "I've drank myself blind to the sounds of ol' T-Rex..." in "You Better You Bet"

7. Hootie & The Blowfish - "Only Wanna Be With You"

"Put on a little Dylan Sittin' On A Fence..." Ever wonder what Darius Rucker was going on about with that line. It was an inside joke reference to an old college band that some of his buddies were in Dillon's Fence. They decided to take it a bit further an reference a few Bob Dylan songs in their own lyrics such as "Idiot Wind" and "Tangled Up In Blue". "Ain't Bobby so cool?" asks Rucker, well Bob Dylan showed just how cool he ain't with people using his lyrics, as he sued Hootie & The Blowfish for copyright infringement and won.

8. Eminem - "Without Me"

I guess not every namedrop in a song is a positive one. At the peak of Eminem's meteoric rise in the late 90's and early 2000's quite a few artists and journalists were vocalizing their aprehension when it came to Slim Shady's lyrical content. As he's done before and since, Eminem felt the need to fire back through song and lyrically threatend Limp Bizkit, Moby and Chris Kirkpatrick of N'Sync in his song "Without Me"

9. The Gaslight Anthem - "High Lonesome"

The Gaslight Anthem's fantastic album The '59 Sound is chock full of references to the band's classic rock inspirations and it comes it in the music as well as the lyrics. Tom Petty and Bob Seger references can be found on other tracks, but "High Lonesome" drops two as it mentions wanting to look like Elvis and also includes the line "At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet, it's a pretty good song baby, you know the rest" An obvious nod to Bruce Springsteen's "I'm On Fire"

10. Alkaline Trio - "We've Had Enough"

Alkaline Trio are another one of those bands with great lyrics that have about a hundred metaphors and similies per minute. And they're usually about death and killing...but in a humourous way. On the second track on their fantastic album Good Mourning, the song is more about annoying songs on the radio and it drops a reference to one of their main influences The Misfits. The Misfits i'm sure inspired countless young punk bands to dress in black, crank the guitars and scream until you're coughing up blood. "We've had enough! Put Walk Among Us on and turn it up!!" Screams Matt Skiba, a reference to the Misfits first major label full length release Walk Among Us in 1982.

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Sunday, 10 April 2016

10 Great Songs That Feature Harmonicas

I am a negligent bastard. I am the end of a song. It's been over a month since I last posted and i'm to blame for that. There is some cool stuff coming down the pipe for me, but that doesn't mean I should stop writing these lists. The Harmonica is one of my favourite instruments. A simple soundmaker that can add pure magic to a simple track. Here are ten great songs that honk on bobo.

1. Billy Joel - "Piano Man"

It's funny that a song called "Piano Man" and one that Billy Joel became a noted ivory tickler for, uses a harmonica for it's most famous musical sting. The song itself was inspired by Joel's time working the piano in a bar called The Executive Room. The characters in the song were based on tha real bar's usual tenants. The harmonica part was inspired by Bob Dylan after Joel saw him use a harmonica holder strap and play the guitar at the same time.

2. Gin Blossoms - "Follow You Down"

One of the 90's most over-looked groups was Arizona's Gin Blossoms. They managed two very successful albums in the 90's even though their guitarist, lead songwriter and founding member Doug Hopkins was booted from the group due to alcohol abuse. His tale gets worse i'm afraid as his publishing rights to the songs he wrote were held hostage by the band for a mere $15,000 pay out. The gold record he dreamed of getting only hung on his wall for 2 weeks before he smashed it being unable to cope. In 1993 he bought a gun and committed suicide. Who knows what kind of lovely music we wouldn't have missed out if he could've gotten control of his demons.

3. Hayden - "Bad As They Seem"

Man does Hayden look young here. This is often considered his breakthrough song. The video got extensive airplay on Much Music and the album it's off Everything I Long For got rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Love the way the low string slaps off the guitar's fret board.

4. Alanis Morissette - "Head Over Feet"

This was the fifth single released from Alanis' monster album Jagged Little Pill. A sweet and simple song which was written soon after Alanis first met producer Glen Ballard. She learned to play the harmonica the same day they recorded the take that was used on the album.

5. Blues Traveler - "Run Around"

I cannot do a list on the harmonica without including Blues Traveler. Lead singer John Popper is also known for being an accomplished harmonicisto! He is known to wear a bandolier during live performances to hold 12 different harmonicas, one tuned in each different key. He also developed a microphone with switches installed to add audio effects to the harmonica's sound, much like a pedal would change the sounds on a guitar

6. Black Sabbath - "The Wizard"

Yes even the grandfathers of Heavy Metal have used the ol' French harp. "The Wizard" is a song inspired by Gandalf from Tolkein's Lord Of The Rings and used as a b-side to a later Sabbath hit "Paranoid".

7. The Watchmen - "All Uncovered"

For my money this is as good as it gets for songs written by Canadians and performed by Canadians. It's got everything. Cool lyrics, dueling vocals, a killer catchy guitar lick and of course a harmonica solo. Even the video's sepia tinge is classic. From the album In The Trees The Watchmen's "All Uncovered" is still one of my all time faves.

8. The Decemberists - "Down By The Water"

As good as The Decemberists who are they to refuse help when it's offered? This song features REM guitarist Peter Buck on 12-string guitar and singer/songwriter Gillian Welch on backing vocals. Frontman Colin Meloy played the harmonica on this tune, something he hadn't done in years. I think it adds a certain flavour to this song and it would be lacking without it.

9. The Rolling Stones - "Miss You"

I always used to think the main melody in this song belonged to the song "Harlem Shuffle", I was wrong. The Stones have always took elements from other music styles as influences in their song writing. This song takes on an almost disco vibe, but doesn't forget the blues that heavily saturated their early stuff, hence the inclusion of a harmonica.

10. Bob Dylan - "Visions Of Johanna"

Bob Dylan made harmonica cool again. So many iconic images of him cooly and calmly strumming his guitar in front of a microphone while his mouth is clenching hard down on a harmonica. Blonde on Blonde has so many great songs that feature the harmonica, "Visions Of Johanna" was the first one to jump to my mind.

Keep honkin' on bobo friends!!
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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

10 Great Songs From Irish Artists

It's almost a full month before St. Patrick's day and just under a month until I will be on the Emerald Island. That's right your very own Jonny Z will be heading across the pond to see what all the fuss is about this St. Patrick's day in Dublin, Ireland. So to get us prepped here's 10 Great Songs By Irish Artists.

1. The Undertones - "Teenage Kicks"

Formed in the late 70's in Derry, Northern Ireland, The Undertones were one of the first bands of the first wave of Punk bands coming out of Ireland in the UK around that time. They blazed on until 1983 when tensions in the band boiled over and the group disbanded with 4 albums to their name. "Teenage Kicks" is perhaps their best known song released in 1978.

2. Damien Rice - "Delicate"

Rice has since made a comeback after a 7 year hiatus. I was fortunate enough to see him live during his tour in 2007 before he took the break; he's a remarkable talent and a great live act. He returned in 2014 with his album My Favourite Faded Fantasy, though I prefer his debut album O, where the song "Delicate" is track 1.

3. The Cranberries - "Stars"

There are a few bands that I feel I must include on this list and I have no problem doing it, even if it is out of sheer obligation, because they're badass and have an extensive and enjoyable musical catalog. One of those bands is The Cranberries. The Cranberries made waves in the 90's when their album Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? broke through in North America. Their success continued here until around 1999 when subsequent albums failed to gain much attention. They still tour and release music to this day though. "Stars" was off their 2002 Best Of compilation.

4. Ash - "Girl From Mars"

Formed in Northern Ireland in a town called Downpatrick, Ash were a band who found more success in the UK markets than across the pond in the US. Along with this song, "Meltdown" was a well known hit in the US because of it's inclusion in several movies and video games.

5. Jape - "Floating"

"Floating" is the first track and single off of Jape's second studio album The Monkeys In The Zoo Are Having More Fun Than Me. Jape are a Dublin band that dabbles with electronic influences while maintaining an alternative rock identity.

6. Snow Patrol - "How To Be Dead"

Probably best known over here for their 2006 hit "Chasing Cars" is first introduced to these guys a few years earlier with the song "How To Be Dead". Before this song Snow Patrol had a reputation of trying to record over the top arena anthems, but this slow tempo introspective song gave their 2003 album Final Straw a second life.

7. Stiff Little Fingers - "Alternative Ulster"

I first heard of these guys when they got a shout-out in the movie High Fidelity. Another quintessential punk-rock group from the genre's formative years.

8. Thin Lizzy - "Bad Reputation"

One of Ireland's most influential rock groups was formed one night in the late 60's in a pub in Dublin, Ireland. They would go on to record several albums through the 70's and 80's and would eventually call it quits after their front man Phil Lynott died of substance abuse. Thin Lizzy would influence countless popular groups since their formation including Metallica, Alice In Chains, Anthrax and The Happy Mondays.

9.  The Script - "The Man Who Can't Be Moved"

Formed in Dublin in 2001, The Script have had their music included in countless TV shows over the years which has gained them a worldwide following. Shows like The Hills, The Ghost Whisperer and Beverly Hills 90210 have all feature music from The Script.

10. U2 - "All I Want Is You"

Love them or hate them U2 is by far Ireland's biggest musical export. Selling millions of records around the world and selling out concerts everywhere they go Bono and the boys proudly represent the Emerald Island wherever their fame takes them. Their music has influenced and been influenced by many different genres, for example 1988's Rattle & Hum was heavily inspired by the rhythm and blues sounds from New York's many boroughs in the 40's and 50's. That's the album you'll find one of my favourite U2 songs, "All I Want Is You"

Who wants a souvenir??


Sunday, 10 January 2016

10 Great Songs From 2015

2015 was an interesting year in music, for me anyway. We got plenty of good releases from familiar artists and a few great ones from some new comers as well. I'm not doing a traditional end of the year "Best of" list, because there wasn't that one song that I can definitely say was the year's top track. I'm sure a few years down the road i'll hear a song that was released this past year and it will blow me away, but for now here are 10 Great Songs From 2015. In no particular order...

1. Beck - "Dreams"

Not long after winning the Grammy for Rock Album of the Year in 2014, Beck released the single "Dreams" in June of this year. Beck said he made a conscious effort to release a song more upbeat and fun than what was on his last album Morning Phase. Something that could be enjoyable to play live. "Dreams" will be on his as of yet untitled upcoming album.

2. Kalle Mattson - "Avalanche"

This guy lives just around the corner from me here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada! "Avalanche" is a catchy little track that features his shy vocals over a continuous pulsing drum beat. The video for the song got a lot of internet attention as well, it recreates several famous album covers. Albums that i'm sure influenced Kalle in some way or another

3. Viet Cong - "Continental Shelf"

Fellow Canadians and Polaris award nominees Viet Cong have announced that will be eventually changing their name to avoid any further offense, but to date no change has been made, so for now they remain Viet Cong. "Continental Shelf" is the first single off their self-titled album.

4. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - "S.O.B"

As a young teenager growing up in Missouri, Nathaniel Ratliff was writing songs at an early age. Inspired by the rock & roll and R&B roots of his home state. He has several solo albums, but 2015 saw the first release with his band The Night Sweats, it features the rockin', lamentful drinking song "S.O.B" who's video is a tribute to the end of the movie Blues Brothers.

5. Courtney Barnett - "Pedestrian At Best"

If anyone on this list has built a time machine back to the 90's grunge rock era through there music it's Courtney Barnett. "Pedestrian At Best" has the same vibe as Blur's "Parklife" or Suicidal Tendacies' "Institutionalized". That chorus has Sonic Youth and The Pixies' sweat stains all over it too.

6. Moon Taxi - "All Day & All Night"

If I had to pick a top song of the year (I won't) this one would be a serious contender. Moon Taxi come out of Nashville, Tennessee and they seem to have avoided the Country Western birthmark that most bands from that area walk around with. Daybreaker is their fourth studio album and it's there that you can find "All Day & All Night"

7. Adele - "Hello"

I didn't really pay much attention to Adele's previous albums and was perfectly content to let 25 come and go as well, that is until my girlfriend asked to buy the vinyl for her. This entry on this list could really be any song off her new album, I was impressed by how good it was "Send My Love" was the one that stood out more for it's creativity and catchiness, but I can't find a video for it. So we'll do "Hello"

8. Titus Andronicus - "Dimed Out"

I was surprised to see that these New Jersey punks have 4 studio albums to their name as I had never heard of them until I heard "Dimed Out" this year. I likened the experience to the first time I heard Against Me!, who quickly became one of my favourite bands. I guess I got some back-listening to do. "Dimed Out" is the type of punk many people lament not hearing anymore. Just gotta know where to look I guess.

9. Blur - "Ong Ong"

Hey guys, Blur came back. Damon Albarn has been busy with the Gorillaz and Graham Coxon had his share of side projects too. It seems they still had a few Brit-pop gems stashed away somewhere though as "Ong Ong" picks up where they left off in 2003. Good stuff.

10. Chris Cornell - "Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart"

Still no word on that new Soundgarden material. Apparently it's coming soon but who knows. In the mean time frontman Chris Cornell released a new solo album Higher Truth which features the unmistakable track "Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart"

Bring on 2016!!!


Friday, 1 January 2016

10 Great Music Videos With Nudity

Alright now that the holidays are done with we can dispense with all the wholesome, clean, family-oriented festivities that go along with them and delve into some serious hardcore action!! Sometimes videos feature nudity that's intentionally blurred out for effect, other videos get a second uncensored version, then are those videos that never get seen because of the X-Rated material that mainstream video channels wouldn't play. Let's look at a few.

1. The BPA - "Toe Jam" feat. David Byrne & Dizzee Rascal

The Brighton Port Authority (BPA) is a side project of Norman Cook better known as Fat Boy Slim.
The video for the song "Toe Jam" got alot of internet intention because of it's clever use of the censor bars that cover up the naughty bits of the naked men and women who dance throughout the video

2. Alanis Morissette - "Thank U"

Morissette's 1995 mega album Jagged Little Pill put the young lady from Ottawa on the globe and shattered countless of records. When it came time for her follow-up expectations were high. Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie was released in 1998 and was met with mixed reviews. Alanis handled the pressure extremely well and made the album she wanted to. The video for the first single "Thank U" featured a fully nude Alanis singing the song on street corners and subways. Yes it was blurred out

3. Sir Mix Alot- "Put 'Em On The Glass"

Yes you know Sir Mix Alot likes big butts...he can't lie after all, but he can withhold some truths. For example did you know he also likes big, fake breasts? And really likes it when the women who own them press them up against glass? It's true! Just watch this video...

4. The Dandy Warhols - "Bohemian Like You"

This video may not have the nudity front and centre like some of the other ones on the list. Also most other videos on the list it features male and female nudity. It's brief, but it's there.

5. Robin Thicke - "Blurred Lines" feat. Pharrell & T.I.

Everyone knew this video was going to be on here. It's not often that a music video helps boost a non-musician's career but it appears that's what happened with model Emily Ratajkowski. Since appearing (showing her stuff) in this video she's been in the Entourage movie and Gone Girl.

6. Foals - "Late Night"

Foals are an English band out of Oxford who got their start in 2005. With 4 studio albums to their name and even winning a couple awards the future looks bright for Foals. Their 2013 album Holy Fire was critically acclaimed in North America and was helped by the single "Late Night" which features a few steamy scenes in the music video.

7. Motley Crue - "Girls, Girls, Girls"

I guess this was part of the appeal of the Hair/Glam Rock genre, substance-less music, that's just a whole bunch of fun. The music videos were lined up right along with the lyrics too. Motley Crue wrote what they knew about, strippers and partying, guess you can't fault them for that. 80's girls were hot.

8. Scooter - "Weekend"

European dance music is all about shaking booties and hot sweaty bodies grinding up against on another. Scooter is a trance group from Germany who's videos I remember fondly from my younger days watching BPM on Satellite. It's a strange video with some sexiness and creepiness mixed in together. Also respect to the man in the ice cream van!

9. Blink 182 - "What's My Age Again?"

It's got some male ass at the end, but for the most part the nudity in Blink 182's lead off video for the album Enema Of The State is blurred out and played for laughs. Good stuff.

10. The Flaming Lips - "Watching The Planets"

The Flaming Lips were never a conventional band. They likely didn't care less if a video they made was deemed inappropriate for music television. They made the video they wanted to make. This one appears to include members of a nudist colony. Fitting.

Let's get naked!!