Thursday, 22 March 2012

10 More Great Sex Songs

Given the raging success of my first list about sex I figured i'd whip out another one. Whether they're about bonin', a good soundtrack whilst boning or something to get you in the mood to bone, these are songs about sex. You horny beasts...

1. "Abused" - J. Englishman

This song takes little time to get to it's point. Clearly Englishman is not interested in getting to know the woman (or man I suppose) he's about to ravage and sometimes that emotion gets the best of all of us. Fun artist fact, Englishman's sister is Canadian renown songstress Esthero (hottie limbed lovely).

2. "Swimming In Your Ocean" - Crash Test Dummies

When I was younger I didn't quite get this song's meaning, but still thought it was cool. Brad Roberts has a way with obscure lyrics also his baritone vocals make hearing them clearly sometimes difficult. Hearing it these days it's clear that it's about the way his mind wanders as he's pleasuring his woman. The video is a representation of the way a man has sex too. Notice how he rushes in, performs and rushes out? The disinterested and bored look on Ellen Reid's face...yeah seen that before..

3. "Stroker Ace" - Lovage

Two songs from Canadian artists so here's one of American origins but with a hazy history. Lovage was a side project of Japanese hip hop producer Dan Nakamura. Joined by such notable acts as Mike Patton (Faith No More), Jennifer Charles (Elysian Fields) and Kid Koala, he only made one record under the Lovage banner and it produced this sex charged track amongst others.

4. "Beat Your Heart Out" - The Distillers

Some songs on this list are undeniably about sex with their lyrical subject matter, others are by artists known for their passion and love of the opposite sex. Some songs on here are based on my opinion along. "Beat Your Heart Out" is one of them. It's got great energy and a nice beat that I have watched many fine ladies use their bodies too. Feel free to try this one on..

5. "Fingertips" - Poe

From her debut album "Fingertips" is a sensual offering from Poe. Just the way she seems to slink through a song about the human connection with that throaty drawl of hers. Love or hate Poe...this one is a great addition to any soul squeezin' compilation.

6. "#1 Crush" - Garbage

I cannot believe I omitted this one from the first list. Anyone from my generation who was infatuated with the Romeo + Juliet rehash from Baz Luhrman had this song etched into their psyche. From the first sounds of gasping for air to Shirley Manson's undeniably sex-charged performance "#1 Crush" was part of every coming of age story's soundtrack in the 90's.

7. "Caress Me Down" - Sublime

How does one describe Sublime? Seriously, they've got songs for all occasions and is there any other band of their ilk? Has one ever existed? Will one ever exist again? "Caress Me Down" is a fantastic track that is fun and sexy at the same time. Now I don't speak Spanish, but I can't help to assume that there are some dirty things going on in there. Someone once told me that he says "Take of your panties and mail them to me" within the Spanish part. I think thats enough said right there.

8. "Shove It" - Santogold

This song's got a great sexy vibe to it, haven't put it to the test yet, but I can only assume a girl can find a way to use her body to this one. It's been used in a great sex scene in a certain movie. I'll leave that to the readers to discover which one.

9. "3" - Britney Spears

A song about threesomes sung by Britney Spears? Need I say more?

10. "A Sorta Fairytale" - Tori Amos

Tori Amos is gorgeous. Yup. I've always had a thing for women who sing and play the piano, I think it was Tori's fault. On the surface this one kind of seems like a typical poetic and introspective song. Upon closer detection Amos' clever wordcraft is evident. "Pulled back the hood" "I rode along side until the honey spread" delicious...

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Saturday, 10 March 2012

10 Great Rap Songs

People often ask me why I don't like rap. False. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just dislike any form of music where content and substance takes a back seat to imaging and materialism. And it's not even that I don't like all songs like that, there is a place for fun, light-hearted party songs, but those are already being constantly thrust into the public's eye. There are many rap artists making important and intellegent lyrics that don't get the recognition that their peers do. Here are 10 Great Rap Songs.

1. "Sea Lion" - Sage Francis

I've talked about this one before, but it would be a sin not include it on a list about Rap. Sage Francis is from Providence, RI and has won many emcee battles and regularly participates in spoken word competitions. His skill is evident in "Sea Lion", I use this song to convert many "Rap is Crap" activists. You can't help but pay attention when Francis lights this one up

2. "The Waitress" - Atmosphere

Atmosphere is a duo from Minnesota. Ant and Slug. They've been getting alot of attention lately with their 2011 release The Family Sign. One of my favourites from Atmosphere is a song called "The Waitress" about the strange relationship between a homeless man who frequents a downtown diner and the waitress that works there. It juxtaposes their lives in a way that makes it obvious that although their always butting heads, they need each other. It's quite brilliant actually.

3. "Fire" - Joe Buddens w/ Busta Rymes

This is a great song, a double-edged sword if you will. It's a perfect party song, because let's face is too long to take it 100% seriously all the time. Also underneath the infectious beats are some incredibly clever lyrics...especially the final verse which blasts other so-called artists who are merely a cardboard cut out with someone else doing all the work.

4. "We Don't Play" - GRITS

Going another direction here, GRITS is actually a Christian Rap group with their name being an acronym for Grammatical Revolution In The Spirit. Whether the message of the content reaches you or not, this song is impossible to ignore. I feel it would make a great background song for a basketball video of thunderous jams and amazing plays. Did I mention i'm a basketball fan? Of course rap and hoops go hand in hand.

5. "Triumph" - Wu-Tang Clan

Perhaps one of the most influential and important groups in the world of hip-hop was the Wu-Tang Clan. Originally featuring only 3 members it quickly rose to 9 with members including Method Man, Ol' Dirty Bastard, RZA, GZA, U-God, Inspecta Deck, Masta Killa, Raekwon and The Ghostface Killah. "Triumph" came from their second album in 1997 Wu-Tang Forever. It's a perfect introduction to the group as each member gets to showcase their unique styles. The song itself doesn't even feature any hooks, just words spit at you methodically and precisely.

6. "Let's Push Things Forward" - The Streets

The Streets are a rap/beats group from Birmingham, England. Mike Skinner is at the center of it all with various other musicians coming and going. The music is usually intriguingly simple while the lyrics can range from such topics as romance, the politics of drinking vs smoking and even the stagnation of the music industry. Which is where "Let's Push Things Forward" falls.

7. "December 4th" - Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse is one half of Gnarls Barkley, the other half being Cee-Lo Green. The Grey Album was a mash up album of Jay-Z's (that's zee not zed....i'm Jay-Z...zed) Black Album and The Beatle's White Album.
It actually turned out well...this track was my favourite mixing "December 4th" with "Mother Nature's Son".

8. "Northern Touch" - The Rascalz

The Rascalz were one of Canada's foremost hip-hop groups consisting of Red One and Misfit. They gained even more recognition in 1998 when they won the Juno (Canada's Grammy) award for their album Cash Crop. They declined the award based on it not being presented during the televised portion of the show and even suggested that maybe racism was a factor. Since then the award for best hip-hop group has been moved to the main ceremony and Canadian rap got the respect many felt it deserved. "Northern Touch" is a who's who of Canadian Hip-Hop featuring names like Kardinall Offishall, Choclair, Thrust and Checkmate all close friends of The Rascalz.

9. "You Got Me" - The Roots & Eykah Badu

The Roots are a great hip-hop group and they actually play all the instruments on their records and live performances which is refreshing. "You Got Me" showcases vocalist's Black Logic's sheer talent in word play even when it comes to a subject so universal as dating. He makes it seem brand no one ever wrote a love song before. Erykah Badu's addition to the song is perfect as well...the perfect female voice to go back and forth with. Sadly The Roots have been relegated to Jimmy Fallon's studio band on his lackluster talk show. Great video here too.

10.  "Fett's Vette" - MC Chris

Hailing from Illinois MC Chris is known for rapping, being an improv comedian, voice actor, writer and evidently a Star Wars fan. "Fett's Vette" is a fun song about one of the saga's most cult characters Boba Fett.
After this song was used in Kevin Smith's flick 'Zack and Miri Make A Porno' a friendship was developed between the filmmakers and Chris and he has since gone on to other projects with them.

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