Thursday, 31 January 2013

10 Great Songs By Artists From Ottawa

My apologies for having such a gap between my posts! Let it be known that we are working on producing podcasts here at VoidDrops and that (among other of life's hurdles) has been keeping me occupied. So watch for that soon! I've noticed that i've been getting many readers from all over the globe, which is fantastic for a small blog written in a tiny corner of Canada's Capital city, Ottawa. It was suggested today that I feature a list on local groups...great idea! Here are 10 great songs by bands from Ottawa...past and present!

1. "Mystify" - Harpoon

The EE Band have been known for their lively shows and loyal following in Ottawa's Byward Market. A year or so ago they were known as The Draculas, but before that they changed their name to Harpoon. At the center of all the name changing madness is Eric Eggleston, vocalist and guitars. Not only is he known for his musical prowess but can be a force at the soundboard as well. Producing and engineering albums for Ottawa groups for many years. Check out for more info!

2. The Goodluck Assembly - "Wait For Me"

It just so happens that as I go about writing a blog on the subject The Goodluck Assembly decide to release a new video! "Wait For Me" from the Spring 2013 EP Demonstrations! Check it out!

3. Hollerado - "Juliette"

Love the opening riff in this song and it fits so well as it continues throughout. Hollerado's breakout single "Juliette" got them noticed in 2010 and earned them a nomination for the Best New Act Juno 2011.
Their true stroke of fortune came in 2009 when they won Live 88.5's battle of the bands competition in the Ottawa area. Earning them $25k for their debut album Record In A Bag.

4. Organized Rhyme - "Check The O.R."

Before Freddy Got Fingered and Road Trip. Before he married Drew Barrymore and long before Donald Trump fired him on The Celebrity Apprentice Tom Green was one third of the tenacious and dominant Ottawa rap trio Organized Rhyme. Though the group;s hit single "Check The O.R" got respectable play on MuchMusic and the group earned a Juno nomination they never did much past 1992. Though an updated video for this song was released in 2011 and the group reunited in Montreal for a "one night only" at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal.

5. Fuck The Facts - "Wake"

I remember going to one of these guys' shows back when I was an impressionable punk on the mean streets of North Bay, Ontario. Fuck The Facts were originally a solo project of Topon Das started in the late 90's, but has since added a full line up for subsequent releases. 9 releases over 6 labels and Fuck The Facts are still going strong, spreading their "bastardized grindcore" to soundtracks, festivals and even a DVD released in 2010.

6. Artificial Joy Club - "Sick And Beautiful"

Another blast from my younger days. "Sick & Beautiful" was included on my obscure songs of the 90's list. But they're from Ottawa and they deserve a spot here as well

7. Amos The Transparent - "Greater Than Consequence"

Amos The Transparent got their start in 2007 who worked closely with some of the members of Stars for their debut album Everything I've Forgotten To Forget. Since then they've gained a modest following and have had their songs used in commercials and television shows.

8. Graham Albertson - "Coming Through Darkness"

This guy currently lives in Ottawa and practically begged for me to include it on my list. Had to upload the song myself...hence the visual.

9. Clark The Band - "Camera"

Though they disbanded in 2007 Clark The Band are still known in the Ottawa music circles and fondly remembered. Releasing 3 albums over 5 years, one being a major label release. The song "Camera" is really a funky tune, very unique. Hopefully i'll make a few more fans here

10. The Acorn - "Darcy"

The Acorn is a folk/indie group that have been in rotation on CBC 3 for many years now and their last release in 2010 No Ghost has garnered positive reviews from critics and fans. Fans which even spread to UK as The Acorn is not shy from touring around the world for recognition. No word on a new album yet, but take a listen to "Darcy" and just try to uncross those fingers

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Sunday, 6 January 2013

10 Great Songs About New York

Perhaps the world's most famous city is New York City. Definitely the one that's inspired the most movies, shows, plays, pieces of art, tales of romance and crime and yes, songs. Deemed the city that never sleeps, it's no wonder it's a popular traveling destination with countless shops and landmarks to see, people of all kinds on the streets at all hours of the day and an undeniable air of wonder one can feel merely by stepping foot on it's soil. 10 Great Songs about New York City.

1. "New York, New York" - Ryan Adams

Although this song is more about the girl Adams lived with while in the city than New York City itself, it's a logical starting off point. The video is especially haunting as it features Adams performing in front of many landmarks in New York's skyline including the World Trade Center. The video was shot on September 7, 2001, four days before the city was changed forever.

2. "Manhattan" - Kings Of Leon

Again, another song named for a famous borough of New York, but not necessarily about the city itself. "Manhattan" is a Native American word that translates roughly to "The Island Of Hills". The song was never released as a single off the 2008 breakthrough Only By The Night but it remains one of my favourites by Kings Of Leon.

3. "53rd & 3rd" - The Ramones

Written about Dee Dee Ramone's dark days a male prostitute in the back alley's of what was known as "the Loop" in New York. It was an area known for gay bars, prostitution and drug use. It has since been cleaned up and many of the shady bars were shut down. Dee Dee would die of a drug overdose in 2002.

4. "New York Mining Disaster 1941" - The Bee Gees

Before the Bee Gees succumbed to the glitzy grip of the daemon known as Disco, they were once referenced as the Australian Beatles. Many Beatles fans thought the Bee Gees were the Beatles just performing under a different name. Regardless, "New York Mining Disaster 1941" (which is a completely fictitious tale) wound up being the Bee Gee's first international hit.

5. "First We Take Manhattan" - Leonard Cohen

Cohen's world famous monotone crooning and baffling, dizzying wordplay is cranked to 10 in this iconic track. "First We Take Manhattan" is Cohen's answer to people needing extreme actions to get them motivated. Included on his 1988 album I'm Your Man.

6. "Empire State Of Mind Pt. 2" - Alicia Keys

Originally recorded with Jay-Z the song was intended to be an Anthem to the city that both artists were from. Keys decided to record a more soulful version, echoed and insightful. Jay-Z was supposed to reappear and record a rap for this version, but the plans fell through. I feel the song does just fine without him.

7. "Shattered" - The Rolling Stones

One of my favourite Stones songs. The Rolling Stones have always had a love/hate relationship with North America, "Shattered" is their slight to a city thats "in tatters". A place where people can find enormous success but also turn a blind eye to the crime, drug-use and violence that takes place on a near daily basis.

8. "On Broadway" - The Drifters

The Drifter's now legendary motown sound and perfect harmonies come together here to form a near emmaculate ode to the mecca of show business, Broadway. It speaks from an innocent time before the silver screen and before celebrity statuses were handed out on the internet. Dreams came from the heart and the passion would let no amount of work and sacrifice to get in the way. That's what New York meant for so long to so many.

9. "Angel Of Harlem" - U2

When Bono and company first came to America they fell in love with New York City. Nearly every song off of Rattle & Hum is about it or inspired by it. "Angel Of Harlem" is a tribute to Billie Holliday who was a Jazz singer from Harlem who struggled with racism, abuse and drugs until her early death in 1959. She was widely viewed as one of America's best.

10. "Fairytale Of New York" - The Pogues

People from all over the world are inspired by the Big Apple. Ireland's The Pogues wrote what is now widely accepted as the best Christmas song of all time, about irish immigrants falling in love in New York City around Christmas time. The promises of fame and a happy life were enough to bring the city it's fair share of immigrants in years after the war.