Tuesday, 3 May 2011

10 Great Sex Songs

Music is pretty good, but not as good as sex. Combining the two can make both explode with a different kind of energy, but one must be careful. Not just any music will do within the throes of passion. It can be fast or slow, light or dark, loving and passionate or wild and uninhibited. Here's 10 songs that work well for the business between the sheets. Tried, tested and true.

1. Philosopher Kings - "Charms"

Every track off of their 1997 album Famous, Rich & Beautiful could have been included here, but the Philosopher Kings' best lusty track is found on their 1996 debut. "Charms" just has an ebb and flow that you can almost feel with the tips of your fingers as you rub them over the contours of a woman's body. It's there when you feel her hair in your hands....i'm getting ahead of myself here. It's just the first song...

2. Lenny Kravitz - "If You Can't Say No"

This song has an isolation to it; A feeling of being cut off from the one person you need yet can't have..which of course makes you want them all the more. Most Lenny Kravitz songs have that certain quality that gets women in the mood, "If You Can't Say No" is no exception.

3. Chemical Brothers - "Hey Boy, Hey Girl"

As her body moves faster and faster with the constant beat, the blood courses through her body, through her veins to her extremities. Her eyes see someone she's never seen before and she wants him. The animalistic urges are too much for her to control and before he knows it he's hers. Where they are the music has ceased, but the pounding beat remains in their minds and their bodies relive those infectious grooves together. The whole time, no words between them were spoken.

4. Jakalope - "Feel It"

This song is your girlfriend whispering naughty desires in your ear at a crowded party. It's a glint in the eye of an attractive co-worker who passes you in the hall with obvious devilish intentions. It's coming home from a hard day's work and finding your wife in the bedroom wearing that little black number with boots up past her knees. That's Jakalope - "Feel It".

5. Jeff Buckley - "Everybody Here Wants You"

Jeff Buckley was a master, under-appreciated in his time, his songs are still unparalleled.  This song feels more like a foreplay song, instead of the actual act of sex. Like the anticipation is building and still having the will power to hold off until that perfect moment.

6. Alicia Keys - "This Bed"

This is songs sounds like it's bubblegum pop and so themed. However, it's about a bed being too big for one person, especially for it's other purposes. It would make a great soundtrack for any number of trysts, no matter their durations.

7. Live - "Hold Me Up"

1994's Throwing Copper was a great album, so great in fact that the tracks that were cut from album even kicked ass. "Hold Me Up" is one of those songs, it lacks the production of some of these other songs, but it has the intensity and energy that matches sex's ultimate passion. Kevin Smith must've realized this too as he used it in a pivotal scene in Zack and Miri Make A Porno.

8. Cold - "Just Got Wicked"

I'm not 100% sure why this song gets my motors going in the way it does, but I like it! I think it must have to do with a past instance where this song was playing and some lovely lady was crawling up from the end of the bed towards my naked body. Yeah......there it is.

9. Tanya Stephens - "Boom Wuk"

This is just a flat out, honest, to the point song about sex. She wants this guy because he gives it to her good, and i'm sure she returns the favour. Not much else to say here.

10. Buck Cherry - "Crazy Bitch"

 How many strippers use this as their show stopper I wonder? Not that i'd know....my experience with those enviroments is minimal. Sure let's go with that. Guys, if you have a bump n' grind mix for those 'girl in my room' times, this one has to be on it. Trust me. I know it doesn't sound like a song a lady would be in to, but you'll thank me later.

Thanks again for checking this out! Leave a comment!! - JZ

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