Tuesday, 20 December 2011

10 Great Songs. Period.

Just under a week now until Christmas day is upon us! I'm a generous guy, I like to see people close to me happy and fulfilled in every way imaginable. So I thought you all deserved your Christmas gift early. No inherent theme this week, just 10 songs that everyone needs to hear. Maybe you have heard them, maybe you haven't. If you have enjoy them again and think back to when you first discovered them...if you haven't get on acquiring them now!! 10 Great Songs! From me to you!

1. "Streetcar" - Funeral For A Friend

Funeral For A Friend are a hardcore group from the UK. I love the way this song starts out...a simple telephone call, she picks up the phone and all hell is unleashed. It never stops through the entire song either. The album this song is off of, Hours,  is worth picking up too if this tickles your fancy. It sure tickled mine!

2. "No Children" - The Mountain Goats

Here's a delicious and nasty song for those waking up on the shores of a terrible relationship and feeling relieved. "No Children" could have been included on a few future lists: "Songs without drums" and "Songs without choruses", but it's too good to hold on to.

3. "Mixtape" - Butch Walker

Butch Walker has enjoyed a long tour of duty in the music industry. Beginning back in the late 90's as the singer of the short-lived Marvelous 3, he'd go on to have underground success and following as a solo artist. He's even been known to write songs for other popular artists, one that comes to mind: Weezer. "Mixtape" is a great track off his equally great album Letters.

4. "Magic" - Ladyhawke

Ladyhawke is the stage name of New Zealander Pip Brown. She may have gotten a slow start to her musical career but she came in like a lion with her self-titled 2008 debut.  "Magic" is a great sampling of her talents, a mix of rock, pop and synth styles create a love song of dream-like proportions.

5. "From Now On" - Dikta

One thing I took away from my Iceland trip earlier this year was some great music by the locals. Dikta was a stand out that I heard on the plane's in-flight radio. "From Now On" has a relaxed and chill vibe, reminiscent of Damien Rice or James Blunt, but with a little more edge when it comes to lyrics.

6. "Freefallin'" - Atmosphere

I'm going to do a list about great rap songs and you can bet your sweet asses that Atmosphere will be included. "Freefallin'" is a great song about being thankful for what you have even though it's not what your dreams are made of. Singer Slug has a natural talent for word crafting. Often times it's just as good as master an instrument.

7. "Paris Is On" - Paul Brill

Here's another haunting simple song. Paul is almost effortless in his beautiful delivery of this  hypnotic track. The video is effin' sweet too, I couldn't squeeze it on to my Great Video list unfortunately...hey that gives me an idea!!

8. "Cut" - The Cure

I remember clear purchasing the Cure's album "Wish". I actually had to order it specifically from another record shop across town, because the one in my neighborhood didn't have it. I went through alot of trouble to get this album, based on a recommendation by a music fan whose opinion I trust, and I don't regret it. This track jumped out at me immediately upon first listening and to this day it remains my favourite Cure track. Get It!!

9. "The Rat" - The Walkmen

I ignored this song and this band for a long time, for really no reason but that I didn't like being told what to like. "You'll love it!!!" people would say, so I ignored it. One day it stumbled upon it by chance and couldn't believe i've been without it for as long as I was. Don't make the same mistake I did. Check this track out! You'll love it!

10. "Stop Whispering" - Radiohead

I kind of lost track of Radiohead, nothing against them. I'm sure they're still making excellent music. Every so often I hear a track off one of their newer albums and it's admittedly good. Just after OK Computer I found it difficult to keep up with their releases, I dunno. Thankfully there is plenty of ear candy on their earlier albums, like this gem from Pablo Honey.

Thanks again to all readers! The request lines are open so bring them in!
I May not post much during the holidays but do have my next list in mind for the end of the year! Be safe and keep those ears open!! Cheers


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