Tuesday, 24 April 2012

10 Great Second Part Songs

We've all seen it occasionally at the end of a song "Part 2". Huh? Where was part one? Will this second part not make sense to me anymore? What kind of uncreative bullshit is this? Whatever your reaction is, these songs are out there. Whether they are remixes, continuations and part of a longer story or just a version the artist liked better i give you 10 great second part songs

1. "Vermillion, pt. 2" - Slipknot

Taken from their third album Volume 3: The Subliminal Verses where the first "Vermillion" is also found. The two songs seem to be describing an obsessed man describing the target of his desire. The first part is more metal infused, more typical of Slipknot. "Vermillion, pt 2" is softer, more sombre and acoustic. Perhaps the protagonist is mourning a loss...great track.

2. "Synchronicity II" - The Police

Perhaps my favourite Police song. The album this delight is off of is also called Synchronicity. It describes the coincidences between two separate occurrances, and deals with a few paranormal themes...like the Loch Ness Monster. "Synchronicity I" was the first track on the album and is a completely different song.

3. "The Seed 2.0" - The Roots

Another Roots sighting! "The Seed" was originally a song by soul musician Cody Chesnutt. The Roots added their own flair to it but also included Cody on vocals and guitar, making it a perfect blend of hip-hop and soulful rock n' roll. To this day it's one of The Roots most well known songs since being released in 2001.

4. "Empire State Of Mind pt. 2" - Alicia Keys

I have a feeling I may be alone on this one, but I enjoy "Empire State Of Mind pt. 2" much better than part one.  I know the version with Jay-Z was much more popular and became a quasi-anthem to New York City, but there's a sheltered beauty in Keys' solo offering. They say that New York is the city that never sleeps, but i'm sure you can still find a place where it feels quiet and alone. Take a minute to absorb this one.

5. "The Unforgiven II" - Metallica

This one was not actually intended to be a sequel. When James Hetfield was writing songs for the upcoming double disc to be released in 1996, he realized he had plagarized the intro of 1991's "The Unforgiven" on one track. Then he realized that he can't really plagarize himself, so he tweaked the and "The Unforgiven II" was born. Other similarities were done intentionally like the trumpet swell intro, several lyrics and even hiring the same director for the music video. It doesn't end there though kids 2008's Death Magnetic brought us the awesome "Unforgiven III" but that's another entry on another list....

6. "Helena 2" - Misfits

This is just an alternate mix of the song "Helena" by the Graves-era Misfits. The intro was altered in post to sound like it's being transmitted through a radio. The idea was the listener would crank the volume and have your speakers blown out by the sudden surge of instruments at the halfway mark. Awesome prank guys, my fuckin' stereo is blown to shit now...

7. "Why, pt. 2" - Collective Soul

Released in 2000 on the album Blender this song came when Collective Soul were starting to drift out of the center stage position they definitely held in the 90's. Great song, don't get me wrong, just didn't hold the same water that some of their earlier songs did. Not sure what became of "Why, pt.1" maybe this song should have been called "Where's pt. 1?" ahaha...maybe that comment made you just say 'What?".....part 2

8. "Midnight Show" - The Killers

This is the first song on the list that part of a continuing story. The Killer's Murder Trilogy is a story about the murder of a cheating girlfriend. Brandon Flowers has hinted that the death had something to do with water, but he's not saying exactly what. The other songs in the trilogy are "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine" (part 3) and "Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf" (part 1) which was actually released in 2007, three years after parts 2 & 3.

9. "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" - The Arcade Fire

Most Arcade Fire songs can weave multiple tales effortlessly which require multiple hearings to be fully respected and enjoyed. "Sprawl II" is about the similarity of the hometowns of the band members. Houston and Montreal. Wherever in the world you go you can't get away from the rising skylines along almost every continent's shores. "Sprawl I (Flatland)" is similar but tells of how people can make a location stay in your memory, not necessarily the place.

10. "Another Brick In The Wall part 2" - Pink Floyd

Perhaps the most famous part 2 ever, potentially the most famous Pink Floyd song as well. Granted 1980's The Wall was one long story of a man's rise and fall in super stardom and his depression and haunted past slowly bricking him off from the rest of the world. The 3 "brick in the wall segments are all worth a listen as the whole album is a revolution, but none gained as much fame as part 2. If you don't eat your meat you can't have any pudding...

Thanks for reading....watch for part 2 of this list!

Just kidding...


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