Thursday, 19 July 2012

10 Days Of The Week Songs

Sometimes I put quite a bit of effort into my lists. Try to keep them topical, on track with whats going on around me and in the world. Sometimes it's a personal list...songs that have been burning in my mind, fused together with each other through a common thread. Other times....I just feel basic and wanna get a quick list out for my loyal followers. Today is a basic day, but it's good. There's still good songs to be found in the basic. Beauty in the simplicity. 10 Songs that feature days of the week!

1. Marcy Playground - "It's Saturday"

Mention the name Marcy Playground and everyone is quick to mention "Sex & Candy" the ultra hit of 1997 that put this little band from a big city (NYC) on the map. Their second album Shapeshifter didn't quite capture the masses as their debut did, but it did provide this quirky little ditty, that features yodeling among other things. Check it out.

2. Hayden - "Home By Saturday"

Well it is a pretty awesome day, so let's give Saturday another song. Hayden is a great Canadian singer-songwriter. He's been all over this blog on numerous occasions so I know I don't have to say much about him. This song is from his damn near perfect album Elk Lake Serenade.

3. Simon & Garfunkel - "Wednesday Morning, 3 AM"

Also the name of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel's first album way back in 1964.  The song itself was buried at the end of side 2 and nearly forgotten under the colossal success of "Sounds Of Silence", but it fits perfectly with this list and is a sweet little track worth a listen.

4. Dredg - "Hungover On A Tuesday"

Dredg are a band that have been around for a long time, since the early 90's. Though they've never really gained widespread attention, they've maintained their goals and had the success they desired. "Hungover On A Tuesday" is from their 2005 concept album Catch Without Arms. If you're looking for a new band to get into and a good album to take off from, that is the album to listen to.

5. Finley Quaye - "Sunday Shining"

Finley Quaye is one of those nondescript artists. He was born in Scotland, yet his music style seems to vary between jazz and reggae, soul and folk, never settling on one defined genre. I think that's great, but it could be the reason he never found a big audience on this side of the Atlantic. North American masses tend be to be fickle and turn on an artist if their songs aren't of the same vein. "Sunday Shining: was Quaye's biggest hit in the US and Canada, but he's another artist worth a listen.

6. The Cure - "Friday, I'm In Love"

The Cure were one of the 80's biggest groups and to this day they have a style and cadence that has gone unmatched. Cure songs will never be dated and will live on forever. It's no surprise either with songs like "Friday, I'm In Love" simple, uplifting and unapologetic. This song is also a bonus as it mentions EVERY day of the week in it's lyrics...even the un-artsy Thursday.

7. Thursday - "Counting 5,4,3,2,1"

I couldn't think of a good enough song with Thursday in it's title, so I had to turn to New Jersey group Thursday to save the list. They're full of great lyrics, high energy live performances and have been involved in the screamo/hardcore scene since the late 90's. Plenty of great songs to choose from in their library "Jet Black New Year", "Division St." and "Counting 5,4,3,2,1". Would have been good for a counting list too. Hmmm.

8. Tegan & Sara - "Monday Monday Monday"

I will always be a fan of anything Tegan & Sara do. Even the collaborations are great. Tegan has done guest vocals on songs by Against Me!, Astronautalis, and Rachael Cantus. While Sara has worked with Theophilis London, Sara Baraielles and Kaki King. "Monday Monday Monday" is actually from their 2002 album If It Was You, which was released before they exploded in 2004 with So Jealous.

9.  I Mother Earth - "Another Sunday"

Sunday is another of those days that had a plethora of songs about it that could have been included here. It's usually the morning after or the laziness or the stillness and realizations that occur on the sabbath that gets the artists' minds working. Canadian group I Mother Earth released their masterpiece Scenery And Fish in 1996 which also produced 3 other hit singles and countless more lazy Sunday memories for their fans.

10. The Rolling Stones - "Ruby Tuesday"

Nothing to say about this one. Had to include it, but for personal reasons I shall let the song speak for itself.

Happy Friday!


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