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10 Great Sunny Day Songs

Sure it's the last week of August and the crisp mornings of Fall are already poking their noses in our business, but to me that still gives us plenty of time to enjoy the Sun at it's warmest. Grab a beer, grab a folding chair and stretch out in your back yard. By the pool. With some mates. On a patio wherever, and of course you need a great soundtrack to go with that. Here's 10 songs for bright sunny days.

1. "Reeling In The Years" - Steely Dan

Just that opening riff....makes me wish I was born in the 60's to be able to truly enjoy the sounds of the 70's.
There is going to be plenty of classic rock on this list just so you're all aware...and that's a good thing. Also, nobody believes me, but Chevy Chase was the original drummer in a band that eventually became Steely Dan. He left to pursue acting before they got anywhere, but he was there

2. "Sunny Days" - Lighthouse

Yes, this one is quite obvious, but if I didn't include a song about chilling in the sun listening to the radio, what am I doing? Lighthouse were a group from Canada not be confused with the British band Lighthouse Family or Lifehouse which came out of LA in the late 90's.

3. "Lay Me Down" - Dirty Heads

The Dirty Heads are a newer group out of Southern California that sort of pick up where a group like Sublime left off. That style of laid back, ocean side living really comes through in most of their punk and hip-hop inspired rock. This song actually features the artist known as Rome who is currently in an act with surviving members of Sublime.

4. "Shambala" - Three Dog Night

"Shambala" is a great song for those care free days. Toes in the grass, face in the warm sun, hair in the wind. The song is actually a cover of a B.W Stevenson song, but his version never charted or got noticed. Shambala is the name of a city in Buddhist legend that is supposed to be hidden among the Himilayan Mountains.

5. "All Summer Long" - The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys were unstoppable it seemed in the 60's. Fans latched on to their infectious songs featuring harmonized vocals, multi-layered instruments and of course the subject matter of nothing but fun in the sun. Sadly as band leader Brian Wilson's health (both mental and physical) deteriorated the band's success followed. As far as sunny day songs go, close your eye,s reach in and take your pick. Any one of them will work. "All Summer Long" just makes you feel good.

6. "Replay" - IYAZ

Admittedly the video helped this one, though I can't understand how he can be comfortable in shoes, jeans and that huge shirt in that kind of weather. She looks much more comfortable. Sure the song is a typical overproduced, repetitive, corporation friendly track from the mainstream song spawning machine, but if you look passed that, and it's Apple name dropping and take it at face value. It works as a fun background to a day at the beach or on the patio. Let's not take ourselves too seriously now...

7. "Jet Airliner" - Steve Miller Band

Another song where the opening riff is enough to get you in the Summer state of mind. As soon as it starts you know where this song is going to take you and it's a wonderful experience.

8. "Deadbeat Summer" - Neon Indian

Neon Indian are an indie/electro pop group from Texas. Their album Psychic Chasms  that was released in 2009 was well received by critics. It scored high on most music websites as well such as Pitchfork and Allmusic, even though it wasn't widely popular on mainstream charts. "Deadbeat Summer" features a sample of Todd Rundgren's "Izzat You?"

9. "Someday" - Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray were everywhere in the late 90's. So much so that they named their second album 14:59, figuring that their 15 minutes of fame would soon be at an end. "Someday" is a welcome departure to the band's typical light-hearted, half-pop, half-hip-hop mash-ups and seems to have a heart. It's more of a Summer evening song as the sun is going down...but it's there on the horizon so it still counts.

10. "Peaceful, Easy Feeling" - The Eagles

I'm not the biggest Eagles fan, they got lucky with "Hotel California" and have a bunch of mediocre rock tracks scattered here and there. I will say that Don Henley and company were skilled at writing chill, retrospective and relatable soft rock such as "Peaceful, Easy Feeling". A perfect song to finish off with. Pull those sunglasses down, lean back, get those feet up and forget about everything....except for that one person who still has a home in your mind. There it is...

Now get out there and enjoy the Sun!

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