Tuesday, 12 March 2013

10 Green Songs

A little under a week until St. Patrick's day folks, the day where we all pretend to be Irish, head to the pubs in our finest greens and get pants-shitting drunk. Definitely one of my favourite days. Maybe you're hosting a party or maybe just want to be festive in your own right, and if you are the colour green is bound to be a part of it. Here are some green-themed songs that can flesh out your playlist

1. Alkaline Trio - "Jaked On Green Beers"

It is a definite certainty if you're heading out for a few pints on St. Patrick's day one or two of them, or the ones around you, will be dyed green. Why not? And what better anthem to down those emerald beverages than "Jaked On Green Beers" by Alkaline Trio. As far as I know the only place to get this song is off the 2002 Atticus clothing line compilation Dragging The Lake.

2. Alexisonfire - "Emerald Street"

This is what many of the roads can be called the morning after St. Patty's day, since y'know they're covered in puke in shades of green. Alexisonfire named this song after a street in Hamilton with a shady reputation and what is the guitarist/vocalist's name in Alexisonfire? Dallas Green....whoa...

3. George Baker Selection - "Little Green Bag"

This song will live on in modern movie infamy as the song the 'ramblers' stroll down the street to in Quinten Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. The song itself was supposed to be titled "Little Greenback" which is actually the lyric in the song, but it was misprinted on the original pressings of the single and the name just stuck. The album was even renamed so audiences wouldn't be confused.

4. Incubus - "A Certain Shade Of Green"

One of Incubus' earliest hits. It features a reference to 2012 AD. Incubus were known to feature lyrics and themes about the supposed end of the world on that fateful date. Not that Brandon Boyd or any of the boys actually believed it, I hope not anyway, because someone would have to tap them on the shoulder and point to a calender. This song got it's title as Boyd was driving around and hadn't noticed that a red light had changed to green, a passenger in the car asked "What are you waiting for, a certain shade of green?"

5. Misfits - "Green Hell"

The last Misfits album of the Glenn Danzig era is the legendary and ultra-rare Earth AD/Wolf's Blood. It's raw and noticeably more aggressive and metal infused than previous Misfits releases. "Green Hell" would go on to be covered by Metallica in 1987 which is what brought the song back out of obscurity.

Geez, after loading that "Green Hell" video I got caught up watching Misfits/Metallica videos on Youtube...almost forgot I was writing a blog entry...haha

6. Pearl Jam - "Green Disease"

Pearl Jam's 2002 album Riot Act often get's looked passed. Sure it wasn't as commercially successful as Ten or hyped as Yield but it's got some brilliant moments. I feel it's because it was released in the wake of 9/11 and was very politically charged, also the incident at 2000's Rokslide Festival shrouded the album in a fog. At it's core it's a Pearl Jam album, with everything you'd expect and "Green Disease" is one of those songs that wasn't a single, but remains a silent hit to this day. Other Riot Act tracks to check out "Thumbing My Way", "Love Boat Captain" and "Save You"

7. Legion Of Green Men - "Synaptic Response"

Ok this one's title doesn't have the word "green" in it, but it also doesn't have any lyrics so I think it's alright.
It's an older song by Legion Of Green Men who were signed to Silent Records back in the 90's. Got some funk to it...as well as a visually interesting video.

8. Fleetwood Mac - "Green Manalishi (With A Two Pronged Crown)"

Fleetwood Mac was formed in part by legendary guitarist Peter Green along with his friend Mick Fleetwood. Green didn't handle the initial success too well and was consumed with guilt over his sudden wealth. He became addicted to LSD and many other hallucinogenic substances. He cites a dream about a green dog as the inspiration for this song, which would be Fleetwood Mac's last hit with Green in the line up. He would later be institutionalized for schizophrenia as a result of drug abuse.

9. The Lemon Pipers - "Green Tambourine"

The tambourine is something of an instrument from the Renaissance era it seems. Not only do artists not write songs about them anymore, they rarely even play them. It's difficult for singers to do sweet jump moves and kicks while playing a tambourine I suppose. This song was inspired by a street performer busking for change in front of a bank while playing the tambourine.

10. Green Day - "Green Day"

When someone is celebrating their 20th birthday that falls on the 20th of the month it's called their champagne birthday. There should be a name for when bands perform a song thats the same name as their group. Bad Company have done it. Rolling Stones too and also Green Day. It's fitting that they open this song with the sounds of a bong being hit, a green day is like a sick day, expect you take the day off to smoke weed all day. All day. How glorious...

Hope to knock another one of these out before the 17th!

Happy St. Patty's Day!


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  1. I love song #4's choice. One could always assume that it would mean Osiris, the Egyptian deity. The god of rebirth. "I think I grew grey watching you procrastinate".....