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10 Great Vulgar Songs

Shit it!!! Ever have one of those days? The kind of day when you just want to unleash the unholiest, dirtiest, ear-piercing profanity your young innocent mind can come up with? Well it seems like some musicians have had those days too. Of course I could have filled this lift with gangsta rap, but where's the fun or spice in that? 10 Great Vulgar Songs!

1. "Radio" - Alkaline Trio

Hidden under a sweet arpeggio melody Alkaine Trio's "Radio" offers up a few sure fire (if not drastic) ways to get out of a relationship without simply just breaking up with them. The eponymous radio is invited to bathe with the song's target...plugged in and ready to fall. Chicago's Alkaine Trio is famous for songs with grim, yet witty topics and "Radio" is no exception.

2. "Faget" - Korn

No, that's not a typo it's how the song appears on the album and no the song is not homophobic nor is it an attack on anyone's choice of lifestyle. High School wasn't easy for Korn's Jonathan Davis, not that it's a breeze in general, but if you have musical talent and a troubled High School tenure it's almost a license to print money. Because he was into gothic art, New Wave music and wore clothes that were opposite of trendy Davis was a target of the popular kids and guess which nickname was their favourite for him? Songs like these were the main reason Korn was so identifiable with the youth of the 90's. It gave them something to latch on to when they felt like outsiders, gave them somewhere to belong. They could channel the frustration into something healthy and positive like music and the arts. Get inspired to create their own, instead of going down the other road....that usually leads to tragic ends.

3. "Whorehoppin' (Shit Goddamn)" - Eagles Of Death Metal

Eagles Of Death Metal are the second of 3 Josh Homme projects. I like his groups because they guitars sound like they're actually being played by humans. Sometimes a mistake will be left on a track or the humming bass will make the cymbals rattle. That's how music should be. "Shit Goddamn" not only became my favourite song by the group, but found it's way into my blue language catalog for some time.

4. "Arsehole" - Snuff

This song uses such curses as "Arsehole" and "Wanker" so i'll give you one guess as to where Snuff hail from.
They've been rolling out the punk anthems since 1986 and show no signs of slowing down. As evidenced on this song, they also dabble in the Ska side of things by including a brass section to their music.

5. "People = Shit" - Slipknot

There was no better conceivable way for Slipknot to kick off their 2001 album Iowa than with "People = Shit". It just kicks your ass up around your ears form the get go and though it seems vocalist #8 curses at a .63 swears per second rate, it's not overly gratuitous. Slipknot is a great band to put on when you're in a shit mood, and if that mood was caused by some bastard-ass, now you know which song to go to.

6. "California On My Mind" - Wild Light

When you're trying to make music that's radio accessible including a "fuck" or "shit" or "fingerblast" in the lyrics is the kiss of death. That's why I was pleasantly surprised when a poppy, catchy track like "California On My Mind" didn't get released as a radio friendly version. However, it might be why Wild Light aren't more popular...oh well! Stick to your fucks boys!

7. "Nugget" - Cake

I knew this song as "Shut The Fuck Up" for the longest time...like I mentioned earlier perhaps that title wouldn't be the most in-store friendliest. Cake are another of those bands that is tough to define. They own such a unique sound, but can't be easily slid in one genre or another. Perhaps thats the secret to their longevity.

8. "Bad Habit" - The Offspring

I have a funny memory of this song. Must have been grade 7 or 8....art class. Everybody is busy drawing or painting or whatever and one kid asks the teacher if he could insert a cassette tape into the ghetto blaster. The teacher agrees as long as the language is on the level. The tape is Smash by The Offspring...now the kid was no dummy, he kept it low and the general classroom hubbub made deciphering the lyrics difficult. Just as that key moment in "Bad Habit" approaches (you know the one) the class goes silent and the look on the teacher's face i'll never forget as through the speakers comes youstupiddumbshitgodDAMNMOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!

9. "Fuck You (Very Much)" - Lily Allen

It's not just the guys with potty mouths. Britain's Lily Allen has always had a spark and walked to the beat of her own brisket. "Fuck You" has become an anthem for gay and lesbian rights, aimed at those who oppose same-sex marriage and other LGBT issues without any real cause. The song comes off Allen's last album in 2009 It's Not Me, It's You. Nothing has been heard from he since.

10. "So What" - The Anti-Nowhere League/Metallica

In 1982 a punk band called The Anti-Nowhere League were stomping, cursing and spitting their way across the London punk scene. Dressed and acting like maniacs they were poking fun at the over the top punk movement that had seemingly become an imitation of itself at the time. Mainstream media (and the London police) took notice of the band when they released a song called "So What" filled with obscenities of both violent and sexual nature. The authorities confiscated almost 100,000 copies of the song and destroyed them due to the Obscene Publications Act and forbade the record company to press any more singles. Flash forward to 1990 when Metallica heard a bootlegged version of the song they decided to release their own version....with all the original delights still in tact. Ending on a bang here folks. Go fuck yourselves!

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