Sunday, 29 September 2013

10 More Great Drinking Songs

Oktoberfest is upon us again and many of you might be searching for the perfect soundtrack to go along with your various festivities. Ol' Johnny is always happy to ablige. Now, not all these are necessarily about drinking, but have that vibe that goes so well with visiting pals and having a few rounds. 10 More Great Drinking Songs.

1. "Shakespeare Road" - The Mahones

What better place to start than with a band that was formed on St. Patrick's Day in Kingston Ontario? It was 1990 and while they were only slated to be a one time thing, their (at the time) unique blend of high energy Celtic music infused with punk rock made them an immediate fan favourite. They've been singing and swiggin' and drinking ever since.

2. "Mari-Mac" - Great Big Sea

This one isn't really about drinking, but rather an old timey east coast song about marriage. Great Big Sea's version is great though and it's fun watching drunk people try to keep up with the increasingly faster vocals.

3. "Have A Drink On Me" - AC/DC

I've made my feelings about AC/DC well known before, so no need to delve into that once again. This song with the right combination of brain lubrication can make for a fun section of an already care free night.

4. "Got Your Money" - Old Dirty Bastard

This one might seem a little out of place, but thinking back to my high school partying days this song was ALWAYS played. So now I can't hear it without craving a rye & coke or a Mike's Hard Lemonade. haha

5. "Chip" - The Real McKenzies

Vancouver's Real McKenzies have crafted a wonderful celtic/punk rock sound and once you hear that signature bagpipe sound you'll agree that having a drink or two with The Real McKenzies is as right as rain.

6. "Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer" - Billy Currington

Do I really have to explain this one?

7. "You Don't Know How It Feels" - Tom Petty

Almost any Tom Petty song could've been included here, "You Don't Know How It Feels" has that laid back, warm summer's day vibe to it that just goes so well with a few cold ones.

8. "Up The Hill" - Captain Tractor

Captain Tractor are another Canadian band famous for their Celtic inspired sound and are often confused with The Arrogant Worms, likely due to their cover of one of their songs. "Up The Hill" is nothing if not a great drinking song. It's fast paced, great to sing a long to and is actually about being drunk.

9. "Keasby Nights" - Catch 22

I included this one or will include it on my list of songs with great lyrics. Rightfully so, it's got one of the best/catchiest choruses i've ever heard. Incidentally that also qualifies for it for a great drinking song.

10. "I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You" - Tom Waits

Not every drinking song has to be high energy and all about the good times. The night needs to come to an end at some point. Tom Waits is great at capturing moments and emotion in his songs. This one is that perfect song for the end of the night, when the lights come on in the smokey old pub and you gotta go back to face reality again.

Enjoy Oktoberfest and all of October. The best month!

Drink responsibly friends!


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  1. I'm like "So what, I'm drunk....." .... Ignition (Remix) by R. Kelly