Sunday, 27 October 2013

10 Great songs for this Halloween

Maybe you've already had your Halloween party, but it's not the end of October yet. There is still plenty of opportunity to let the creepy music ring through the house or workplace. And just in case you're sick of "The Monster Mash" here\s 10 songs that will fit in nicely to any Halloween playlist.

1. Misfits - "Scream!"

Really any song by the Misfits would work on a Halloween playlist. With titles like "Pumpkin Head", "Astro Zombies" and even "Halloween" picking from their catalog is a non-brainer (heh heh). "Scream!" was intended to be used on the soundtrack for the movie of the same name, but the director foolishly decided not to use it. The video was directed by zombie flick legend George A. Romero. Have a peek.

2. Horrorpops - "Walk Like A Zombie"

Though it might not be a particularly frightening tune "Walk Like A Zombie" definitely has the elements and themes that rise from the earth around Halloween. The HorrorPops come from Denmark and have found a modest amount of fame in the recent years. Given the popularity of zombies all year round, this one should fit right in.

3. Cradle Of Filth - "Her Ghost In The Fog"

From horror-punk to goth-metal. This one isn't as much about scary, creepy ghosts as it is about avenging lost loves and helping restless souls find eternal peace. The lyrics paint a lovely picture and weave a fantastic tale, all told on the backdrop of dark misty forests and burned down churches.

4. Type O Negative - "Wolf Moon"

Type O Negative is known for their unique blend of doom and goth metal set beside traditional rock and roll melodies. Like the Misfits, most songs in their library could be used to flesh out a Halloween mix. Since we already have zombies and ghosts, here is "Wolf Moon".

5. The Damning Well - "Awakening"

On the surface "Awakening" sounds like a typical (if not excellent) nu-metal track, but listen closely and you'll realize the song is sung from the eyes of a vampire. A little more digging reveals that this song was featured on the Underworld soundtrack. The Damning Well is actually a supergroup comprised of members from Limp Bizkit, Nine Inch Nails, Filter and Devo.

6. King Gordy - "Lucifer's Apology"

King Gordy is an american horrorcore rapper who is known to collaborate with fellow Detroit rapper Bizarre. "Lucifer's Apology" is a slow brooding tale of a relationship long since dissolved. While it's told through the eyes of Satan yearning to make amends with God, it can also be used as an analogy for many terrestrial relationships as well.

7. The Cure - "Lullaby"

Though a lullaby isn't what jumps to mind when one thinks about being scared, The Cure's Robert Smith has crafted a song about being lulled to sleep only to fall into a nightmare. He based the description of the nightmare on an actual one that had affected him as a child: being eaten alive by a giant spider. If thats not a terrifying thought I don't know what is.

8.  Siouxsie & The Banshees - "Scarecrow"

Legendary horrorpunk group Siouxsie & The Banshees crafts another creepy song. This one seemingly about talking to a Scarecrow in the middle of the night as if it was a real person. And perhaps that Scarecrow convinces Siouxsie to do something unspeakable. Great spooky song.

9. Dave Matthews Band - "Halloween"

Perhaps one of DMB's rarest songs to be performed live "Halloween" has become something of a legend among fans. The only song on Before These Crowded Streets to not have it's lyrics printed on the inside booklet and when it is performed live it's never sung the same way twice. Draw your own conclusions to this one, but it's one of the only songs i've ever had someone tell me that it scared them. Dave kind of wears a Tom Waits mask in this one too. Neat.

10. Arthur Brown - "Fire"

To end off this list i'll give a preview of my next Halloween list which will be released this week. Before Lady Gaga, before Marilyn Manson and even Alice Cooper there was The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. Yes he is wearing a hat that is on fire. Happy Halloween everyone!

Thanks everyone for reading!

Come back soon for my next Halloween list!


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