Monday, 24 March 2014

David Brockie (Aka. Oderus Urungus) Dead at 50

I can remember the first time I saw Gwar live in concert. It was Devil's night in 2007, at The Docks in Toronto, Ontario. I made sure to suggest to my friends that they wear a white shirt that they don't mind getting messy. Sure enough by show's end we were all covered in a rainbow of various projectiles launched from the stage. Whether it was from a cannon known as 'The Biledriver' or from the severed limbs of Gwar's on-stage victims, there was no escape. I lost my white Metallica hat that day too, and it was alright. The band's commitment to the characters they had created was admirable. Their stage show was hilarious and entertaining And yes, I was a fan of their music. Their 2001 album Violence Has Arrived is as damn near a perfect metal album as you'l ever hear. Hearing that Brockie (the band's lead singer) had passed away this morning was not how I wanted to start a Monday. I kind of hoped i'd get another chance to see Gwar live again. But i'll always remain glad that I took the chance to see them when I did.

RIP Dave Brockie

We will get bakc to Rob Reid's countdown shortly..

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