Monday, 21 April 2014

10 Great Songs To Get The Toronto Raptors Pumped For The Playoffs

Music isn't my only passion folks. I'm a sports fan in many ways and my favourite professional sports team, the Toronto Raptors, have entered the hotly contested first round of the NBA playoffs against the Brooklyn Nets. Game 1 is in the books with the Nets outlasting the Jurassic 15 and with game 2 getting underway tomorrow I thought i'd compile a list of songs to help us as fans (and maybe even the players) get the excitement level up. Here are 10 Great Songs To Get You Pumped For The Raptors' Playoff Series

1. Coheed & Cambria - "Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry The Defiant"

Nobody generally turns to prog-Rock to get themselves pumped up for anything, but when it comes to Coheed's case, and this song in particular, the line starts to blur over to the heavy metal side. The constant thumping of the drums and chugging power chords will get the blood rushing, but the real inspiration will come from this song's great lyrics. "Give them the fight that will open their eyes" and "Don't close the casket yet. I'm alive". Let those Nets know that they're in for a long series.

2. Usher - "More"

Usher was once really known for his smooth, lady-killing jams to go along with those lady-killing dimples. In recent history Usher has began to show his dance hall appreciation and a song like "More" has the right energy to get a whole stadium on their feet. Love the lines in this one too "I'm the headliner, finisher, i'm the closer, winner - best when under pressure with seconds left I show up" While Toronto doesn't have that definitive closer, both Lowry and DeRozan have shown that they aren't afraid to take those late 4th quarter shots.

3. Sway - "Still Speedin'"

Another high energy, arena rocking jam. A perfect soundtrack to go along with some rim-rocking jams courtesy of players like DeRozan, Valanciunas and Terrence Ross. Heck there is even a highlight mix video on Youtube made to this song from Ross' rookie year.

4. G.R.I.T.S - "We Don't Play"

Many people around the league and media were discounting the Raptors. Though as a Raptor fan it's nothing new, but this year all the pounding of the rocks paid off and Toronto locked in the 3rd place team in the East. Now with the basketball fans watching some are getting a new glimpse of Toronto and they'll see that we aren't just playing around.

5. The Offspring - "Defy You"

Even if the Raptors somehow get swept or miss out on the second round of the Playoffs, we'll be back next year. Stronger and tougher than before. Toronto cannot be held down

6. Busta Rhymes - "Don't Believe 'Em All" feat. T.I. & Akon

Sure there are a few songs on this list that spit in the face of naysayers, but that's what Raptors fans have dealt with, especially in recent history with the loss of Chris Bosh or even VC. The players deal with it too, but now players like DeRozan and Amir Johnson who have been with the franchise through some tough times can hold their head high and are living what they've been believing all along.

7. Chris Cornell - "You Know My Name"

Taken from the soundtrack of a James Bond film (Casino Royale to be precise) so you know this song comes pre-packaged with swagger. Yes I said swagger. Without a head and shoulders above the rest superstar on the team, many of Raptors players are getting their names out there even those who come off the 15-deep bench. Players like Greivis Vasquez, Patrick Patterson and Tyler Hansbrough will have their time to shine when the big lights of national US television come to the ACC for Playoff games.

8. Megadeth - "Crush 'Em"

Don't really think I need to explain this one

9. Drake - "Started From The Bottom"

There is no denying Drake has made an impact on the Basketball world this passed year and sure it has benefited the Raptors. Time will tell tangible fruits those benefits bare, but it's good to see a world wide celebrity waving our flag on his travels. Doesn't hurt that he's a homegrown fan as well.

10. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - "Can't Hold Us" feat. Ray Dalton

It's a great pump up song for any walk of life. Macklemore & Lewis have been on fire recently and there is not an end in sight, hopefully the Raptors can catch some of that fire and continue this upswing for years to come. Not much else of a connection to my boys and this song other than this excellent Playoff hype mix put together by TDot Mix Productions.

Go Raptors!!!!


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