Thursday, 11 September 2014

10 Great "House" Songs

Feeling basic this time around. No this isn't 10 songs from the house genre, nor is it songs from the TV show House. Just ten songs about houses or named after them. Any kind of house. Outhouse, doghouse, lighthouse or brick-shit house. 10 Great "House" Songs.

1. Phish - "Farmhouse"

This song is pretty atypical for Phish who are primarily known for their experimental, jazz-fused jam band style of alt rock. "Farmhouse" is chill track with a slight country groove. From the album of the same name it was recorded at Phish's front man Trey Anastasio's Vermont studio known as The Barn. Maybe thats where the vibe came from.

2. Blur - "Country House"

To the other side of the pond we go and find the band once known as Seymour. After they got signed to Food records in 1989 the record company brought along a list of suggested names to rechristen their band as. Though it was near the bottom of the list, they decided on Blur and became one of the UK's best selling bands of the 90's.

3. The Animals - "House Of The Rising Sun"

Fun Fact! If it ever so happens you find yourself in the position to release an album of songs and want a surefire hit, you might consider recording a version of "The House Of The Rising Sun". It's considered public domain as it's origins are from so long ago that it's not quite definite who wrote it. Therefore if you put your own unique tinge on it, you won't have to pay royalties!

4. The Rapture - "House Of Jealous Lovers"

A funky, cow-bell drenched rock song from Pitchfork media's 2003 album of the year Echoes, "House Of Jealous Lovers: was this New York band's biggest hit. A great track that definitely deserves more attention.

5. They Might Be Giants - "Birdhouse In Your Soul"

They Might Be Giants were known for writing and releasing catchy, quirky songs about a variety of subjects. "Birdhouse In Your Soul" is sung from the perspective of a bird-shaped nightlite.  I ain't making this up people. Great song though.

6.  Metallica - "The House Jack Built"

From 1996's Load "The House Jack Built" is one of those Metallica songs that gets stuck in your head and you find yourself repeating the chorus over and over even though you aren't sure where you heard it. Not sure exactly which house they're referencing here, though I think it has to do with the soul and human condition.

7.  Anthrax - "Madhouse"

Let us go even further back into the heavy metal annals and dig up Anthrax's "Madhouse". A hair metal onslaught, but one full of energy and face-melting guitar squeals. "Madhouse" indeed.

8. Madness - "Our House"

Though Madness were one of the UK's biggest groups of the 70's and 80's they didn't garner much attention in North America. Their biggest hit here was "Our House" and it's video saw virtually constant play on MTV in 1983.

9.  Big Wreck - "Under The Lighthouse"

Can't leave any kind of house untouched. "Under The Lighthouse" is a delightful song from Canada's rock powerhouse Big Wreck. After releasing 2 albums in the late 90's and early 2000's they took a hiatus until 2012. That year's Albatross saw Big Wreck fans everywhere sigh a breath of relief when Big Wreck showed us all that the break didn't cramp their infectious style.

10. Mark Lanegan - "Riot In My House"

Mark Lanegan is a legendary name around the Seattle music scene. A founding member of The Screaming Trees, Lanegan would also go on to join the Queens Of The Stone Age, work with Isobel Campbell and have a very impressive solo career.  "Riot In My House" is from his 2012 album Blues Funeral which earned very positive reviews and took him on a tour that spanned over 20 countries.

I know it was simple and basic.

But didn't want y'all to think I had blown it off

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