Thursday, 18 June 2015

10 Great Songs With Animals In The Title

Yup feeling basic today. Basically I haven't done a list in some time and felt like getting something resembling content out there. I like animals. I like turtles. Here are 10 Great Songs With Animals In The Title.

1. Sage Francis - "Sea Lion"

I'm very specific about the hip-hop I like. I like it smart, I like it catchy and I like it with lyrics not riddled with FUCK or BITCH as every other syllable. Sage Francis calls Rhode Island home and his album A Healthy Distrust is one of my favourite Hip-Hop albums.  The second track "Sea Lion" exemplifies perfectly the type of rap I enjoy

2. The Antlers - "Bear"

The Antlers are an indie-rock trio from Brooklyn who have earned themselves a large, devoted following since their start in 2006. Their third album Hospice, released in 2009, was a critically acclaimed triumph. Songs were emotional and haunting, lyrically moving with flashes of instrumental brilliance. The song "Bear" is an honest look at unplanned pregnancy. Simple, yet  terrifying.

3. Beach House - "Zebra"

"Dream House" is a term often used to describe the type of music played by Maryland duo Beach House. Their ethereal and air-light song "Zebra" definitely lives up to that label.

4.  Fleetwood Mac - "Albatross"

Long before Christie McVie and Stevie Nicks. Hell even before Lindsay Buckingham were a part of Fleetwood Mac a man named Peter Green was the band's front man. Green was a revolutionary on the guitar, combining many different styles that seamed effortlessly from song to song. The 1968 B-side "Albatross" is seen as one of Green's crowning instrumental track. Unfortunately for the group Peter Green's addiction to hallucinogenic drugs eventually landed him in a psychiatric hospital being diagnosed with schizophrenia. Though he would, his career never fully recovered.

5. Damien Rice - "Elephant"

Ireland's Damien Rice made a comeback this passed year after an eight year hiatus following his 2006 album 9. The song "Elephant" was originally supposed to be titled "The Blower's Daughter Part 2" because of how similarly it is structured to the first Blower's Daughter which was Rice's breakthrough single off his first album O.

6. Wintersleep - "Orca"

Hailing from Canada's East coast, Wintersleep may have encountered an Orca or two in their time as a group since 2001. Though it wasn't until 2008 when they got properly recognized and won the Juno for Best New Group."Orca" appeared on their first independent release in 2003.

7. Wilco - "Hummingbird"

Perennial indie-rock band Wilco has enjoyed a very long and successful career without ever having a hit radio single or #1 record. Their loyal fans support them and they let their laid back brand of acoustic and folk inspired rock speak for itself. "Hummingbird" is off the 2004 album A Ghost Is Born

8. Stone Temple Pilots - "Army Ants"

Are insects considered animals? Ah sure, why the hell not? I love finding these lesser known songs by huge bands. Though the Stone Temple Pilots will never again be what they once were (thanks Scott) we'll always have these songs from yesterday to keep the memories alive. By the way the term "army ant" can be applied to over 200 species of ants!!! That's nuts.

9. One Self - "Bluebird"

This is a good cruising track. A jolting, yet smooth beat that you can roll around town to while looking out at the world from under the brim of your tight cap. One Self comes out of Milwaukee and is known for his high energy shows that often incorporate spoken word passages.

10. Smashing Pumpkins - "Tarantula"

This is another one of those bands, like STP, where the figurehead of the group seems to be doing everything they can to tarnish the legacy of the group and destroy anything good the band has left in them. In this case Billy Corgan has made some questionable choices when it comes to the Smashing Pumpkins since the release of Adore. From dating Courtney Love, to trying his hand at the Wrestling world, to releasing 44-song concept album that nobody asked for and so much more, many Pumpkins fans are just begging for Corgan to stop. At least one attempt at bringing back the Smashin Pumpkins was somewhat successful. The release of Zeitgeist in 2007 wasn't the worst thing in the world, it did give us the song "Tarantula" after all.

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