Monday, 21 September 2015

10 Great Songs By The Polaris Nominees

Wow almost a whole month since i've done this. Well, it's the 21st night of September, a very musical night, so i'd better do a blog post up in here. The Polaris Music Prize is a yearly award given to the best Canadian album of the last 12 months based on artistic merit. Popularity and sales do not factor into this award and it is decided by a jury made of music writers, bloggers and journalists. The winner gets a cool $50,000. Each of the nominees get cash prizes as well, so let's run down the nominees and see who's in there

1. "Archie, Marry Me" Alvvays

(Pronounced Always) The Toronto based Alvvays released their debut self-titled album in July 2014. This dreamy indie pop group met in high school and started playing music together. After touring with some high profile acts such as Peter, Bjorn and John and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, they began work on a full length EP. The result got them nominated for a Polaris.

2. "Six Degrees" - Badbadnotgood & Ghostface Killah feat. Danny Brown

Sour Soul is a collaborative album between Toronto based trio Badbadnotgood and legendary Wu-Tang member and rapper Ghostface Killah. BBNG have 3 previous studio albums under their belt and are known for their instrumental hip-hop and improvisational jazz stylings.

3. "Miniskirt" - Braids

BRAIDS got their start in Calgary, Alberta, but have recently found a home in Montreal's blossoming music scene. Known for their experimental music and almost art-like approach to record making, Deep In The Iris, the album for which they are nominated, has been called their most immediate and most accessible. The album has garnered universally positive reviews.

4. "Sing Our Own Song" - Buffy Sainte-Marie

At 74 years old, Buffy Sainte-Marie is the oldest and most accomplished of all the nominees. Known as much for her music as she is for her activism and work in education, she has been a very vocal supporter of the rights of Indigenous People and heavily involved in Native American issues.  Her oldest album goes back to 1964 and her 2015 album Power In The Blood has been nominated.

5. "Can't Do Without You" - Caribou

One of my personal favourites (and the album i'm pulling for) is Dundas, Ontario's Dan Snaith, better known by his stage name Caribou. Our Love the fourth album released under the Caribou moniker and it has been praised for it's "austere arrangements and unrelenting focus". "Can't Do Without You" was the first single released in July, 2014"

6. "Energy" - Drake

Of course coming in at #6 is Drake, who single-handily changed Toronto's nickname from T.Dot to the Six. If You're Reading This It's Too Late was the Raptor's global ambassador Drake's latest album. Love him or hate him, you gotta admit he's got the world looking directly at Canada. Whether it's our city, our sports teams or our music the recent spike in interest in our country has to be in some part attributed to Drake

7. "Pink City" - Jennifer Castle

This is the title-track from Toronto based Jennifer Castle's latest album. It is her fourth album and the first to be shortlist nominated for the Polaris Music Prize

8. "Brill Bruisers" - The New Pornographers

Here's another album that's on many people's ballot going into the award show tonight. The New Pornographers are veterans on the Canadian Music scene and have enjoyed a lucrative and successful existence even without mainstream aide.

9. "How Could You Babe" - Tobias Tesso Jr.

Tobias Tesso Jr. released his debut album Goon in March and it has been shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize. Quite a prestige for the 30 year old out of North Vancouver, BC. The album has been praised for it's vintage feel in both the songs and the recording process.

10. "Continental Shelf" - Viet Cong

The debut album from Calgary's Viet Cong is only 7 songs long and I don't have a damn problem with that at all. Too many albums, especially debut ones, are torpedoed because the artist is trying to do too much and the songs end up suffering. The talent and ideals get stretched too thing and the audience is typically left with one good song and 14 filler tracks. Start small. Make a few songs the best they can be. Show us what you're capable of and we'll keep coming back.

Some cool songs and artists in there! The Gala is on tonight and the announcement of who wins the 50 Gs should probably come down the wire around 10pm!!  Check it out and check out the above artists. Some of the best that Canada has to offer!!!



  1. Glad you included Buffy I heard she won.

  2. I also heard that Viet Cong was getting a lot of flack about their name. Some sources considered it racist even though they are all Vietnamese and they hadn't had any complaints from the Vietnamese community in Canada. I think they decided to finally bow to the pressure because they thought it was distracting people from their music.

  3. I hadn't heard that Viet Cong are all Vietnamese, interesting. I did pick up their album though and it's quite good. Honestly, part of the reason I bought it was that it might become a collector's item after they change their name