Friday, 26 August 2011

10 Feel Good Songs

Sure there's hundreds of songs about rejection, loss and suffering. Some bands and artists have made careers out of the eternal abyss. And that's fine, sometimes you need to feel that connection. You need to feel ok about being depressed. Sometimes though, you need to feel hyper, bubbly, super-psyched and jazzed about everything. There are songs for that occasion too! And honestly, i'd say it's more difficult to write a genuinely happy song than a dark and depressed one. Here's 10 great Feel Good Songs to put in you in a great mood!

1. The Noisettes - "Never Forget You"

London's Noisettes start us off here with a bang. It's an inspirational song about ex-lovers who still make time for each other. Not a very common occurance in this day and age. Singer Shingai Shoniwa's voice is euphoric, i'd be on board for this trend of new artist's with that old throwback vocal style becoming popular, shows an insane amount of talent and ability.

2. Blue's Traveler - "Runaround"

There's a great scene in High Fidelity where Jack Black's character talks about his favourite songs to listen to on a Monday morning. I always thought this song would be an absolute must on that list.

3. Paul Simon - "Kodachrome"

They knew how to do it back in the 70's, before the world turned into the mess it is these days. Barefoot, care-free, long-haired innocence is what this song embodies. Paul Simon puts you in a good mood within the frist 5 seconds of this song, and if you aren't dancing or imaging some young girl from your past before the end of it, you might be a zombie.

4. Brother Ali - "Forest Whitaker"

Quick little rap track about the actor known from such movies as Ghost Dog, The Last King Of Scotland  and yes Battlefield Earth.  But it's a sublime song about being comfortable in your own skin and telling those who would put you down to fuck right off. an up-lifter in my books.

5. Hockey - "Song Away"

Don't really know what it is about this song, I think it's the theme and melody, very bouncy and positive. The overall vibe is not one of depression and gloom, but positivity and glee. Cute video too. Yeah I said cute!

6. Doobie Brothers - "Listen To The Music"

Another classic. Just a bare bones track about the genuine healing power of music. Doobie Brothers are a band that need to be more appreciated in this day in age. Responsible for some of the great, forgotten sounds of yester-year.

7. Corinne Bailey Rae - "Put Your Records On"

Don't know much about this British bird, but she's got a sweet little voice and has crafted a lovely tune with "Put Your Records On". A passtime I can relate to, put a great album on and absorb a beautiful day with that special someone. Hope to hear more from this l'il ruby.

8. Hootie & The Blowfish - "I Only Wanna Be With You"

Why was it all of a sudden such a sin to listen to Hootie. As soon as it comes on the radio or a party I can guaran-damn-tee that within 10 seconds someone will make a snide comment. This song is just too happy go-lucky not to include. Seriously, like the music you want because you like it, not because you're afraid of what other people think. Hootie 4 life! I'm bringing it back!

9. Earth, Wind & Fire - "September"

Since the month is almost upon us, I must include this song. Sure it's disco, but it's intent was pure. To shake some boo-tay!! Make the problems melt away and put the listeners in a good mood for 3 minutes and 36 seconds. The video i put up is a bonus...a funny video made for the song by a comedy troupe. Check it out.

10. Nada Surf - "Always Love"

Wise words to finish off the list by Nada Surf, yes it's true they didn't only do "Popular" and break up. This one hits home for me, for reasons I'd rather not disclose here. "Hey, you could once...she said to me quietly on the stairs"

Thats it until next tizzy!

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