Friday, 12 August 2011

10 Great Obscure Songs

Finding new music is great. It's one of the main reasons I enjoy keeping up with this blog so other music fans can stagger on in and hear a song they never heard before. Get hooked on it. Now I say "obscure" not "unknown", i'm no musical class warrior or snob. I'm sure there are people who have heard these tracks before, but they are a little left of centre and definitely not what I would consider mainstream.

1. Gotye - "Somebody I Used To Know" feat. Kimbra

Start off with a newer one. Gotye is an Australian musician of Belgium decent. He kind of reminds me of England's Mika, anyway. This is a brilliant tune about the crumbling of a relationship and the feelings of resentment that resonate afterwards. I'm sure he is popular down under but as of yet hasn't reached the ears of North American audiences. Take a listen to the track which also features Kimbra from New Zealand, who i'm sure will be a star in her own right soon enough.

2. Sage Francis - "Sea Lion"

Doesn't matter who you are or what music you're typically into. Once you hear "Sea Lion" you will take notice of Sage Francis. He slings together some of the most genius hooks and phrases into such a small space before you even realize what it is you're listening to. The words are more of an instrument than the instruments.

3. Guster - "One Man Wrecking Machine"

I understand that this song was used in the Shia Lebouf mega-hit....the fuck was that movie called? Hold on i'll check wikipedia...Disturbia! So it might not be that obscure, but then again, nobody saw that movie or remembers anything about it. People do need to be aware of Guster though. Right now.

4. The Avalanches - "Since I Left You"

Hmm maybe I should've left this one for my "Feel good music" list. It's a tough one to ignore though, it can put me in a great mood on the greyest of days. This song is a combination of many different songs, blown apart and stitched back together to form a beautiful beast. Such is The Avalanches' style, who also hail from Oz. Maybe we need to plug into what is going on down under. Seems to be some interesting music brewing down there.

5. O'Death - "Down To Rest"

O'Death are one of those folk/rock/alt/country bands that are making a comeback as of late, except that they've been around since 2003. "Down To Rest" is such a cool track that I should really let speak for itself. You almost feel like you've known the song for ages when you hear it, it's got a vibe of familiarity. Not to mean that it sounds like they ripped something off, they didn't. You'll see...

6. Fair To Midland - "Dance Of The Manatees"

This one might be known to those within the heavy metal circuit, but to those outside of're welcome.
"Dance Of The Manatee" is a dramatic telling of a story, with roles and characters. Played out within a track of surging guitars and heavy beats. I wish more bands could achieve this kind of effect through song. It really is a lost art.

7. The Knife - "We Share Our Mother's Health"

This one always gets a reaction when I put it on, a good one, for the most part.  The Knife are kind of Sweden's answer to Daft Punk, it's headed by a brother and sister and are known for their theatrics during performances. "We Share Our Mother's Health" was recorded in space, it must have been. There are effects and sounds coming out of this thing i've never known were capable. Of course, i'm sometimes a dumb guy.

8. King Gordy - "Lucifer's Apology"

A haunting, beautiful song sung by a little known rapper from Detroit. It's told through the perspective of Satan begging for God's forgiveness and to be let back into heaven. It can easily be a mirror to any relationship come and gone. Haunting stuff.

9. The Yoko Casonios - "Cameras On"

I must admit, I don't know much about The Yoko Casonios. This song kicks so much ass though. I love it and want some more of it. However, because of my ignorance I can't tell you much, I know they're from Vancouver but I don't know if they're even still together. Here's to hoping...and hey, maybe they'll make some more fans.

10. Goldfrapp - "Caravan Girl"

Went all over the world for this list didn't I? Gonna end it off with a poppy song from England. Goldfrapp give us the song "Caravan Girl" which should pick you out of whichever deep and troublesome pit you may find yourself in. Allison Goldfrapp's voice is just angelic and matches the vibe of the song effortlessly. It's care free. It's joyous. It's delightful.

Thanks again junkies! Which one did you discover? What is your favourite obscure song?

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