Wednesday, 2 May 2012

10 Great Acoustic Songs (Female Version)

As promised when I reported on great acoustic songs from the men's point of view, here are 10 Great Songs by the ladies who picked up that lonely guitar and strummed their fingers across it's solemn strings

1. Laura Marling - "New Romantic"

British singer/songtress Laura Marling got her start as part of Noah and The Whale. She soon found her own voice when she left the group for a solo career. "New Romantic" is a great love/hate song from the woman's side. Definitely an old soul in her 22 years on this planet, wisdom beyond her years is evident on this track.

2. Ingrid Michaelson - "Be OK"

It seems to be one of the best ways to get noticed these days is for your songs be featured in a popular TV show. Ingrid Michaelson has had several tracks used on Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, & Bones among others. As well as had her songs covered and recorded by other popular artists. Not bad for a 32 year old from the New York indie scene

3. Tegan & Sara - "Call It Off"

Canada's twin sister group attack Tegan & Sara have been gaining momentum and a steady fan base since their 1999 debut Under Feet Like Ours. "Call It Off" is a stripped down, bare bones, heart on the sleeve song that really exemplifies the way the sisters are able to play off each other and create something wonderful like only they can.

4. Ani DiFranco - "Anticipate"

Ani DiFranco is a great example of someone finding success on their own terms. It's possible she has released more albums than many major record label acts, but she has never signed with one.  Instead all her albums are released by her own label Righteous Babe . Ask any DiFranco fan to name their favourite song and it's damn near impossible. "Anticipate" is one of mine because it doesn't sound like any acoustic song i've heard her vibe.

5. Schuyler Fisk - "Hello"

I like the name Schuyler for a girl...though i've never seen it spelled as such before. "Hello" is one of those stripped down, straight forward songs that the acoustic guitar was created for. Playing for a household pet or an army of stuffed animals instead of the one the song was written for. Fun fact! Fisk is the daughter of popular actress Sissy Spacek.

6. Priscilla Ahn - "Dream"

Another one of those artists who people might recognize from hearing her songs in TV shows, but are arsed if they can put a name to them. This is one of those songs I can just put on, lay back and forget about everything else. So soothing. So comforting.

7. Meiko - "Boys With Girlfriends"

Here's another sweet little ditty from a little known songwriter who goes by the moniker Meiko. There is a few songs done by ladies with this vibe. Meet a great guy, but then also meet their wonderful significant other whom they're crazy for. Odd seeing the 'friendzone' from the other side I suppose.

8. Joni Mitchell - "Both Sides Now"

How could I do a list like this without Joni Mitchell? Canada's first lady of great music. This one goes all the way back to 1967, long before anyone else on this list was even considered. Rolling Stone plugged this song into #170 on their Top 500 Songs Of All Time list...quite a hallmark. It's been covered multiple times over the past 5 decades since it's release. Just take a listen and enjoy. Joni!

9. Tristan Prettyman - "Madly"

Prettyman got her start in the club scene in San Diego where she met Jason Mraz and a union of music and love was ignited. Sadly their relationship didn't last but her music has continued to impress and inspire fans and critics alike.  Expect a new album from Tristan this year.

10. Holly Brook - "Saturdays"

Holly has since changed her name to Skylar Grey (thats more like it!) and has been nominated for multiple grammys in her career. "Saturdays" is a fun quirky song that digs a hole into your head and builds a nice little nest there. All that is intended in a good way...she's got a very sexy voice too...doesn't hurt.

All done

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