Friday, 25 May 2012

10 Great Deep Tracks

This topic is almost lost with that state of the music world how it is. A deep track is a song that was never released as a single and therefore was pretty much only known to those who owned the album. With the instant availability of music nowadays it's pretty much just a free for all. So this list might have a tinge of nostalgia, but we're gonna do it anyway. 10 Great Deep Tracks.

1. "Shackled" - Vertical Horizon

One of the greatest deep tracks in my opinion. The last track on 1999's Everything You Want, "Shackled" was never released as a single and had a different almost darker feel than some of their poppier singles. When I was growing up everyone thought Vertical Horizon were Canadian...they aren't. They're from Washington, DC. I think they even taped a commercial poking fun at this misconception.

2. "Ophelia" - Moist

This one is on the verge of being a true deep track. It's from Moist's perfect 1996 album Creature, if you haven't heard it do it immediately. To us Canadians though it was also featured on Much Music's first Big Shiny Tunes. A yearly compilation CD put out by Canada's MTV. It's been getting shittier and shittier every year, the first one though had some great stuff on it. Including this gem.

3. "Mankind" - Pearl Jam

This one could be the king of this list. From one of their most obscure album's No Code comes one of their most bizarre tracks "Mankind. Most people couldn't even identify it as a Pearl Jam track unless they played the album. It's no surprise however, as Eddie Vedder doesn't sing on it, guitarist Stone Gossard does and the song plays like a throw-back to early 60's Beatlesesque rock n' roll. One of my faves.

4. "Nutshell" - Alice In Chains

Love this song off of Jar Of Flies Alice In Chain's legendary 1994 release. Although many bands have attempted the miserable, sombre vibe in their even some later Alice songs, they seem to fall short. In "Nutshell" you can almost feel Layne Staley's disdain...alomst like he's sitting next to you. This song has been covered numerous times, but never released as single.

5. "Manhattan" - Kings Of Leon

Kings Of Leon ruled the world in 2008. Their atmospheric rise to the top of the music world coincided with the release of Only By The Night, one of the few albums released in the 2000's that fuckin' everybody owns. Sadly subsequent albums failed to match that success, but atleast we'll always have this one to remember those brisk Autumn nights

6. "Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist" - Muse

When I first heard Muse's 2003 album Absolution it blew me away. Reminded me of Radiohead, just with a harder edge. "Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist" quickly caught my attention for it's energy and originality.

7. "Sulk" - Radiohead

Since I mentioned Radiohead I thought I should include them. Any song really from either The Bends or OK Computer could have been a part of this list, but "Sulk" from The Bends always stood out for me. It was inspired my the killing spree in Hungerford, UK by Michael Ryan which left 16 people dead. Some lyrics were changed after Kurt Cobain's suicide however so it wouldn't be misinterpreted as a song about that. "Just shoot your gun" became "you'll never change"

8. "Journey To The End Of East Bay" - Rancid

Written about their time as Punk/Ska band Operation Ivy, Rancid's "Journey To The End Of East Bay" was included on their breakthrough release ...And Out Come The Wolves. This album actually featured many deep tracks like "Lock, Step & Gone", "As Wicked" and "The Way I Feel". Perhaps one of my favourite basslines in song, by legendary bass man Matt Freeman

9. "Same In The End" - Sublime

Perhaps best known as being the song sandwiched between "Wrong Way" and "April 29,1992 (Miami)" "Same In The End" has long been my favourite track on Sublime's 1996 self-titled release. Sadly frontman Bradley Nowell would never see the fame it brought the group as he died before it was even released from a heroin overdose. Drugs suck.

10. "The Last Stop" - Dave Matthews Band

There's an episode of The Office (US) where Andy is by himself in a roller disco. He tells the dj to play some Dave Matthews Band "no singles! Deep tracks only!" it's kind of where I got the name for this list, so I felt I should honour it and include some DMB. Perhaps they're best known for their non-singles, as most hardcore DMB fans write the radio friendly tunes off and insist on drawn out versions of "Warehouse" and "Two Step" during their epic concerts anyway. I chose "The Last Stop" because it's a truly unique song, featuring some diverse instruments and some intense vocal work from Mr. Matthews. I've always had a soft spot for Before These Crowded Streets as well.


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  1. In a very rare, perhaps one-time, occurance...I own 6 of these albums, regardless, amazing choices as always!!