Wednesday, 27 June 2012

10 Creeper Songs

People these days throw the creeper moniker around a little too loosely. Someone shows some interest and pursues it a bit and they're immediately a creeper or being creepy if the feeling isn't mutual. Just take the fucking compliment and politely decline they're offer if you're not interested. Now if their name gets shaved into your household pet, then thats another issue. Here's 10 songs that touch on the creeper motif. Some that take it further than others.

1. "Eye In The Sky" - The Alan Parsons Project

Like many of the late 70's progressive/experimental rock groups The Alan Parsons Project made a slight switch to easy listening pop music in the 80's. "Eye In The Sky" is from the 1982 album of the same name and it talks about watching someone's moves and lies. Reading their mind. While it's not a ten on the creepy scale, someone believing they have that kind of influence on some one else definitely counts.

2. "I Will Possess Your Heart" - Death Cab For Cutie

Ben Gibbard says he based this song on something that happened to a friend of his. This guy was obsessing over a girl and even though she wasn't interested the guy maintained his position. They'd be together when she realized how good a guy he was and he'd just have to wait it out. The delusions of his belief that they were meant to be together and his persistence is what makes this song sort of creepy. Though it doesn't mention many boundaries being crossed.

3. "Cry Me A River" - Justin Timberlake

Yep. You're goddamn right I did. It's a great song...and while Justin claims it's fictional, c'mon we know what's up. It was released in the wake of his break up with Britney Spears, and while he's tapped some grade A ass since the dissolution, i'm sure it's good to have this bitter song to cling to sometimes. The video adds a little extra to the creep factor.

4. "Every Breath You Take" - The Police

On the surface this sounds like a pretty little love ditty, but Sting actually intended it to be a nasty little number aimed at his ex-wife. I've even heard this song used at weddings. I mean the lyrics are rather black and white, if you speak them, you see how obsessive and jealous they really are.

5. "Scared" - The Tragically Hip

This one isn't really about a fictional or true story about someone being creepy, but Gord Downie being weird as fuck. Telling us that he can make us scared if he wants us to. It's not about obsessive behaviour or stalking, it's rather about some bizarre scenarios that we can't really assign logic to at first, which yes makes me a little scared. Creepy Gord.....creepy.

6. "Lakini's Juice" - Live

Lakini is the Hindu god of destruction, a symbol of overindulgence. The song, like the previous, is less about a creepy act, but the thought of what one single emotion can turn someone into. Love or even it's crazier cousin, lust, has made humble men turn violent. Rational women become filled with fervor. Brought giants to their shattered knees. It's not creepy in a frightened for your life type of way, but creepy of what some people could be capable of.

7. "Private Eyes" - Hall & Oates

I fucking love Hall & Oates!! Another 80's song about watching someone while they don't know it. I guess it was the days before the internet when watching someone, following someone, required more involvement. A song about creeping someone's Facebook profile probably wouldn't be as timeless as this one was.

8. "I Never Knew You" - Cage

This one I think wins this list as "Creepiest song". It starts off innocent enough as a guy seeing a good looking girl, but he quickly gets uncontrollably infatuated with her. I think we've all been there, but pretty sure most of us cut it off before the going through her garbage and breaking into her home phase. It is a rather unique rap song, wish more rap was thought out like this one.

9. "Vermillion" - Slipknot

I knew when it seemed Slipknot had written a love song there would be more to it below the surface. Along with part 2, which I included in my Great Second Part Songs list, "Vermillion" is told through the eyes of a stalker who can't seem to get over her. Some great lines here "I get nervous; Perverse, when I see her it's worse" and "Hard to say what got my attention, fixed and crazy aphid attraction" That's Corey's strength.

10. "Possession" - Sarah MacLachlan

Uwe Vandrei was a Sarah MacLachlan fan. Like, big time. He would talk to anyone who would listen about her, at lengths. He was convinced they were meant for each other. He, of course, composed hundreds of letters and sent them to her. It was from those letters that Sarah came up with the lyrics for "Possession". Uwe attempted to sue Sarah for using his words in her song, but committed suicide before the verdict was decided. A terrible ending at the end of the day, but another testament at the true emotion that resides in us all. Sometimes all it takes to change who we are completely and all our big plans is one pretty girl.

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