Thursday, 14 June 2012

10 Great Songs With Numbers As Titles

Hmm not much padding really needed to introduce this one. Just a basic list today, by the numbers if you will.
Songs with Numbers for titles. 10 of 'em.

1. "30/30-150" - Stone Sour

If you ever wanted to see what's under Slipknot's masks here's your chance. Stone Sour's singer and lead guitarist also play in Slipknot. Many die hard metal fans give Stone Sour shit for released watered down rock and not being as hardcore as the 'Knot. "30/30-150", which is a reference to the dimensions of a shotgun's buckshot I believe, is an insanely metal track from their 2006 release Come What(ever) May. It's got great lyrics, great music and exceptional energy.

2. "2-15/16" - USS

USS is Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, an electro/rock duo from Canada's east coast. They were both roofers before they hit it big in the music world and 2-15/16 is a common measurement in the framing/roofing inner circles. They're known for their quirky antics on stage which are also apparent in the lyrics and style of many of their songs. "2-15/16" is no exception.

3. "1234" - Feist

Though most people might of first heard of this song and perhaps Feist herself from a 2007 TV ad for the new iPod that was released that year, Leslie Feist has been involved in the Canadian music scene for many years. She got her first big break when she joined Indie group Broken Social Scene and then exploded with the release of her solo album Let It Die in 2004. "1234" was a release from her Grammy winning album The Reminder which is what got her notoriety around the world.

4. "25 or 6 to 4" - Chicago

It's kind of one of the great mysteries of the musical world, what does "25 or 6 to 4" mean? A time of day? A rhyme with no reason? Or some complex code for psychadelic drugs? The answer is known only to members of the great Chicago. It's a crowd pleaser and shows off the band's remarkable horn section wonderfully. For that reason it's a popular choice for college marching bands to play during sporting events.

5. "33" - Coheed & Cambria

One of my all time favourites, sometime soon i'm going to do an entire list on Coheed & Cambria. "33" was from their debut album Second Stage Turbine Blade. As for what the song is about, all of their songs follow the narrative of the same story. Without getting to detailed it's generally a love story taking place during an intergalactic war. Like I said...some time soon.

6. "33" - The Smashing Pumpkins

Hey another song named "33" but by a different artist! Hmm that gives Johnny Zhivago an idea.

This is perhaps my favourite Pumpkins tune. It's simplistic, moving and beautiful. Performed in a way that only Billy Corgan and company could perform it. Legendary video as well, it's actually a series of photographs edited together...except for one shot I believe...

7. "45" - Shinedown

Shinedown is one of those bands that has kind of flew under the radar for the majority of their existence. Boasting a loyal following and backing it up with some exceptional songs, but never relying heavily on mainstream exposure. "45" is a good song, but it's subject matter is defended as being more about living your life and having hope instead of suicide. Which I feel is unnecessary, write a song about whatever you want. If people don't like it fuck 'em. Let them riot.

8. "1985" - Bowling For Soup

There's an easy way to get a song with a number as your title...make it a year. Simple. I like Bowling For Soup. They write fun songs, nothing too heavy and don't take themselves too seriously. They didn't write this one though.....did I blow your mind? It was written by SR-71 and on their 2004 album Here We Go Again. I don't know all the details, but it seems like it was one of those scenarios where one band just hands one of their songs over to another and says "go for it". It worked.

9. "43" - Mushroomhead

Here's a great song from a great metal group. Now Mushroomhead may only be known to people as that group that claims Slipknot ripped off their gimmick. It's impossible to say who did what, though Mushroomhead have a good case, they were wearing masks and such a few years before Slipknot debuted. But then again so did Gwar, so did Mr. Bungle, so did Devo. It's one of those gray areas, so let's just all enjoy the music.

10. "198d" - At The Drive-In

I'm going to end this list on am obscure track from a fantastic group. If you've not heard of At The Drive-In I just did you a huge favour. You're welcome. This is from their early days, back in the 90's, but they really gained a following in the early 2000's and reaching their nadir in 2000 with the release of Relationship In Command. They would break up shortly after and form two other bands Sparta and The Mars Volta. Thankfully in 2009 there was a reunion of sorts, but nothing matches those magical years where songs like "198d" were being unleashed on our naive and unsuspecting ears. Seriously this song is creeping into my top 20 of all time. Fucking enjoy.

Hope that was all 6's and 7's for ya guys. Maybe a perfect 10.
Blowing off 15's...didn't take me 99

ok fine


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