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10 Great Songs Involving Time

I just got back from Europe and I was really deep sixed by that tricky fucker jet lag. It got me thinking about how time can have such an effect on our day to day lives and our relationships. Obviously i'm not the only one who thought about it because there are many artists who have written songs about time. Whether it's wishing they could stop it or travel it or they're singing about how it's a friend or foe. Here are 10 Great Songs Involving Time.

1. Pink Floyd - "Time"

This list could really begin and end here. "Time" comes off Pink Floyd's legendary breakthrough album Dark Side Of The Moon. Roger Waters got the idea for the song after he had turned 28 and realized he was no longer preparing for anything in life, he was living it. Life waits for no get on with it

2. John Lennon - "Watching The Wheels"

One of Lennon's more famous quotes is "Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted" and his song "Watching The Wheels" seems to speak directly to that. This album Double Fantasy was released 6 years after Walls And Bridges which came out in 1974, and people wondered what he'd been doing during that time. The answer is also in the lyrics to this song.

3. Aqua - "Turn Back Time"

One of my favourite guilty pleasure songs. Though "Turn Back Time" is of a different vein from the style of songs that Aqua became known for in the late 90's. It touches on a very common theme in art such as music and movies. It ponders that eternal and universally relatable question: "What If?"

4. The New Meanies - "Letting Time Pass"

Originally called The Blue Meanies this quartet from Winnipeg switched names due to confusion with other bands recording at the time and the fact that people mistook them for a Beatles tribute group. "Letting Time Pass" was off their only major label release Three Seeds. The have since returned to the indie scene.

5. Muse - "Time Is Running Out"

This one topped my list of Best Songs From 2003. In this case the time which is expiring is the perverbial ticking clock of a relationship. Great video and I love that bass line, just drips raw animalistic power and sexual energy.

6. Rolling Stones - "Time Is On My Side"

I'm not sure Mick Jagger feels the same nowadays, but when he recorded this back in 1964 time most certainly was on his side. How good were The Rolling Stones? So many great songs of varying styles and themes.  I'm sure they have the record of appearing on more of these lists than any other artist.

7. Goldfinger - "Counting The Days"

An often forgotten band from the 90's Goldfinger had many great songs and always brought a high energy to their live shows, but somehow managed to avoid the mess that comes with being in the mainstream. "Counting The Days" relates those painful moments we've all been through when a relationship dissolves were the majority of the time after is spent reliving mistakes.

8.  Mudmen - "5 O'Clock"

Ok this one isn't about time so to say, but rather a specific time of day, yet it touches on what brought this theme into my mind: Time zones. Also it's a great drinking song and as Canada's Mudmen explain here, it's never too early to have a jar of beer because it's 5 O'Clock somewhere!

9. Hawksley Workman - "We'll Make Time (Even When There Ain't No Time)"

Another Canadian artist here dispenses some wise knowledge about our little friend time. You've got to make time for those things that are important to you. Even in this modern world where every little, mundane task seems so large and important, taking time for little things and those close to you is just as important. If not the most important.

10. Cyndi Lauper - "Time After Time"

End on a sweet note. One of the 80's biggest names and certainly music's brightest female star was Cyndi Lauper. "Time After Time" was a late inclusion to her debut album and even though it was written quickly and didn't get a demo it became an instant hit. Her first #1 song. And speaking of time this song has definitely stood the test of it. Hip Hop group INOJ released a version in 1998 and was a modest hit of it's own. Though Lauper's career has cooled since the 80's she'll always be a key member of an important time for music.

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