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10 More Great Songs With Girls' Names

Women are sexy

1. "Caroline" - David Gray

Gray first made his mark on the western music world when "Babylon" became a hit in 2000, mainly because of it's use in Serendipity. The lad from Cheshire has been making melodies since the early 90's however. "Caroline" comes off the 2002 record A New Day At Midnight. Caroline seems to be a very inspirational name as other artists have written songs about such a girl, Neil Diamond and Old Crow Medicine Show come to mind.

2. "Miss Amanda Jones" - The Rolling Stones

Yep the Stones were featured on my first list of songs with girls' names. Can't blame me for adding them again they have many songs to pick from. I guess Jagger and Richards' long tenure in the rock world gave passage to them meeting plenty of museful women. See also "Angie", "Claudine", "Cherry Oh Baby" and "Sweet Virginia".

3. "Omabolasire" - Prozzak

Before the Gorillaz appeared on the scene another "virtual" band was stepping onto the pop scene in Canada. Cartoon duo Milo and Simon were Prozzak, though the true artists behind the band were never scene in videos they were revealed to be two former members of The Philosopher Kings Jay Levine and James McCollum. "Omabolasire" was their first (and best) single about meeting your love while on tour and yearning to get back to her, even if that love happens to be the Princess of Nigeria.

4. "Waiting For My Ruca" - Sublime

Going with some less than common women's names this time around.  "Waiting For My Ruca" was the first track off of 40 oz To Freedom the breakthrough release for Sublime. The track kicks off with Bradley Nowell's dalmation Lou Dog giving some backing vocals. It's a chill slow paced song, sort of different from what later Sublime songs would be known for.

5. "Oh, Ellen!" - Gob

I've warmed up to Gob over the years. I have a theory that people typically steer away from artists who are younger than them, I think that's what I was experiencing with Gob. It doesn't hurt that their music also seemed to mature as they did. "Oh, Ellen!" Great tune.

6. "Song For Zula" - Phosphorescent 

This was my pick for top track of 2012 and 7 months later I still love it. Phosphorescent is the stage name for Matthew Houck who writes, records and even produces most of his own work. 2013's Muchacho was no exception as he recorded the album in his own home.  I take this song as someone desperately trying to be strong, even if they're tearing up inside. The singer likens himself to a wild or caged animal. He claims to be different by swearing off love, but there is a hint of recoil in the tune that makes me believe he'll be drawn back in.

7. "Debra" - Beck

Though it was intended for 1996's Odelay "Debra" was kept off the album, yet was frequently played during concerts. The song grew as a fan favourite among audiences and it finally saw the light of release on 1999's Midnite Vultures. All the cheekiness and eccentricities one would expect from a Beck song are fully intact here in "Debra".

8. "Ramona" - Guster

The more I hear about Guster the more they climb the ranks of my favourite bands. The 4 members are multi-instrumentalists and live concerts are a thing to behold. They usually switch instruments and vocal duties during the sets. "Ramona" features lead vocals by Adam Gardner who is the featured lead guitarist instead of lead vocalist Ryan Miller. Seriously if you ever get a chance to take in a Guster show, do it!

9. "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1" - The Flaming Lips

Perhaps one of The Flaming Lips' best known songs, Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne took the name Yoshimi from a friend of his, she actually contributes some backing vocals to the track as well. Although the song sounds like its about giant monsters destroying a city, the character Yoshimi is dying of cancer and the pink robots are manifestations of the disease. You'll have to listen to part 2 to see who wins.

10.  "Ilona" - See Spot Run

Shit, remember these guys? Short lived Canadian group See Spot Run most known for "Au Naturel" and "Terrified". "Ilona" is a solid track, best remembered for perhaps being the first song to have "email" in the lyrics. I wonder if i'll even be able to find a video for it...


BUT! They have a song called "Lucy" which fits the i'll link that one...but im gonna right this wrong and get 'Ilona' on youtube like it deserves

Not enough views to imbed...

Such a shame

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