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10 Great Songs About Sleeping

Sleeping is the best. It's pretty much one of the most fun things you can do. Think about it, when you're sleeping you're relaxed. It makes you feel better. Typically warm and cozy. What can beat that? Musicians obviously feel the same, because there are countless songs about sleeping and dreaming. Here are 10 Great Songs About Sleeping

1. The Postal Service - "Sleeping In"

When Ben Gibbard branched out on his for a side-project away from Death Cab For Cutie he would send demos and portions of songs through the mail to his producer friend Jimmy Tamborello. Include Jenny Lewis on some backing vocals and The Postal Service was born. Though they officially only made one album (though when it's as good as 2003's Give Up that's all you need) they released some b-sides and rarities in 2013 for the album's 10 year anniversary. The band played it's last performance at Lollapalooza that same year

2. The Smiths - "Asleep"

The Smiths were one of the bands that dominated the 80's. With 4 albums released in the decade their sound and style of song continues to influence many bands to this day. "Asleep" was a b-side from the single for "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" in 1985.

3. The Seekers - "Morningtown Ride"

Written by Malvina Reynolds in 1957 "Morningtown Ride" was a children's lullaby that talks of little kids being on a train ride as they sleep heading for "Morning Town". The song was covered and released numerous times. Once by The Seekers, an Australian folk band, in 1964. I was in a play when I was younger and this was one of the songs I remember having to learn for the production.

4. City & Colour - "Sleeping Sickness" feat. Gord Downie

City & Colour is Dallas Green, one time front man of Canadian hardcore group Alexisonfire. City & Colour was his side project which allowed him to get out some of his acoustic creations and more folk-inspired music that wouldn't fit on an Alexis album. "Sleeping Sickness" welcomes Canadian icon Gord Downie known for his frontman status of the Tragically Hip.

5. REM - "Daysleeper"

REM's 1998 album Up saw them end a 10 year relationship with longtime producer Scott Litt, and enter a more electronic-enfused musical direction versus their previous guitar-driven rock sounds. Michael Stipe said he set out to write songs that play a certain type of spirituality against the modern technology age tapestry. "Daysleeper" is a very relatable song for many people who find themselves working the nightshift yet still trying to keep up with society and maintain an identity.

6. Metallica - "All Nightmare Long"

Alright I know I said at the beginning that sleeping was fun and peaceful and cozy. Guess I forgot about the nightmares and we have artists who write songs about those too. Metallica's last album, 2008's Death Magnetic (Hey Metallica, you can release a new album anytime now) was something of a return to form for many fans. The proper link between ...And Justice For All! and The Black Album. One of the album's shining moments is "All Nightmare Long".

7. Latefallen - "Sleep It Off"

Latefallen are a hard rock/metal group from the Toronto are of Ontario, Canada. The first song I heard from them was "Sleep It Off". Great track and yeah sometimes you need to sleep off the painful effects of the night before. Doing some research here it appears that Latefallen called it quits in 2009.  We can still enjoy their music though.

8. Against Me! - "8 Full Hours Of Sleep"

Going all the way back to Against Me!'s humble beginnings when it was the name Laura Jane Grace would use when she performed alone with her guitar, "8 Full Hours Of Sleep" is the perfect song to reflect the power of sleep. Whether it's a health benefit or being used as an escape from something in the waking world. For better or worse. Sleep is an escape.

9. Semisonic - "Singing In My Sleep"

Best known for their 1998 album Feeling Strangely Fine which features the current last-call staple song "Closing Time" Semisonic come out of Minnesota and are currently on hiatus after a 3 studio album lifespan. "Singing In My Sleep" was the second single off of the same album but sadly didn't reach the same success as "Closing Time". Lead man Dan Wilson has since had a long and fruitful career as a solo-artist, producer, songwriter and visual artist. He has collaborated with artists like Nas, Adele, Weezer, Spoon, Pink and Taylor Swift.

10. Queensryche - "Silent Lucidity"

Lucid dreaming is the phenomenon that occurs when you are aware that you are dreaming and can control parts or all of the dream. Some people dedicate alot of time towards practicing dream control. Queensryche guitarist Chris DeGarmo wrote the song based off the idea he got from a book called Creative Dreaming. "Silent Lucidity" became Queensryche biggest hit in North America and is still played to this day on rock radio stations despite being over 24 years old.

Thanks for reading! Feels good to be back!!


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