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10 Great Songs With Sports Themed Music Videos

Yes today is the Super Bowl!! One of the year's biggest events in American Television and sports fans in general. The Seatlle Seahawks (almost typed Super Sonics) look to defend their crown against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Even if you're not into the NFL or sports in general it's still a good day to hang with friends and be merry. While you're waiting for the big game to start i've compiled a list of songs of that have sports-themed music videos. Something to get the conversation on the right track before kick off!

1. Gob - "I Hear You Calling"

I understand the premise of this video, but the narrative needs a little work. Gob find themselves cutting across a soccer field in the middle of a full-mooned night. They see a damsel tied up for some reason and then a squad of zombie-soccer players challenge them to a match for the young lady's sweet virgin ass. Hey, they're not giving me much here, gotta make it interesting. Cue typical sophmoric-Gob hijinx and tomfoolery, a few "Thriller" references and badda-boom, badda-bing you got yourself a music video. This was done a few years before the whole "Zombie-Apocalypse" fad had erupted so you gotta give Gob at least that.

2. Hole - "Be A Man"

Track 2 on the one-syllabled band name, sports-themed music video mix tape is "Be A Man" by Hole. Recorded for the Any Given Sunday soundtrack, the video features Courtney Love in all her coked up, super-skank glory having accidentally stumbled on to a football mid-game. Of course her first reaction is not to get to a safe distance to avoid being trampled, no no. Her first instinct is to get naked and make out with as many players as she can. Flag on the play??

3. Dinosaur Jr. - "Feel The Pain"

In one of Spike Jonze's first forays into the music video world, Dinosaur Jr. have decided to turn New York City into their own personal golf course. You can see Spike in one of the cars watching the ball sail over his head.

4. Elvis Presley vs. JXL - "A Little Less Conversation"

The official video for this song features people dancing in various methods in a colourful, boxed in world. Sometime after the song's release Nike decided to create a marketing campaign which feature vingnettes of soccer players battling 3 on 3 in a cage set while this song played in the background. It was so successful that the vignettes were edited together to fit the full length of the song and released a "mini-movie". This is one of the coolest music videos ever and the one I remember most for this song.

5. Green Day - "Nice Guys Finish Last"

The kickoff track to Green Day's 1997 album Nimrod was not the first single released form the CD. Nor was it the second or third, nope "Nice Guys Finish Last" was the 4th (and last) single taken from the album. The video shows the band as a mock football team, though they are performing on a stage. They even have a halftime pep-talk from their "coach". The song was used in the football movie Varsity Blues, so i'm sure that influenced the video in some way.

6. Hootie & The Blowfish - "I Only Wanna Be With You"

Hootie and The Blowfish were huge sports fans. When they heard the studio's idea for the music video for "I Only Wanna Be With You" included the band riding around on camels and acting zany, they rejected it in favour of a sports themed video. Lead singer Darius Rucker was beside himself when he got to run a few running plays with his favourite NFL player Miami Dolphins quarter back Dan Marino.

7. Against Me! - "White People For Peace"

Man, the last three lists i've done have had an Against Me! track. They're fooking good okay? Deal with it. Though there isn't an exact sport on display here, there is maybe a commentary on wars being fought in the world that play out on tv screens like it is a sport. Or some sports nowadays being so physical and brutal that it's only a matter of time before we're cheering on people trying to kill each other.

8. Sugar Ray - "Mean Machine"

 Long before Mark McGrath was your analyst of what the stars are wearing on the red carpet for Extra! or before he was the host of Don't Forget The Lyrics, he was screaming blood as the lead singer of Funk Metal band Sugar Ray down in Newport Beach. Sure Sugar Ray changed their style to incorporate more hip-hop elements and began to lean towards pop sensibilities, but "Mean Machine" was all rage. While, again, the video doesn't show any actual hockey being played, they do perform on a hockey rink and McGrath is skating around and freaking out in hockey pants and skates.

9. Nelly & St. Lunatics - "Batter Up"

Alright, I know I said these were great songs and videos, and while I do enjoy some of Nelly's songs, this one is just one colossal joke. I hope anyway. But it does feature some baseball being played so here ya go.

10. Lit - "My Own Worst Enemy"

Is bowling considered a sport? Well, for the sake of this list, let's say it is! Killer track from Lit a band that made their name in the 90's and one that also came out of California. I love videos like these, it looks like they're having a good time without bullshit posturing and stroking their own ego. Gotta get me some of those bowling shoes too

Enjoy the game everyone!!

Seahawks or Patriots, who ya got?
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