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10 Great Songs About The Fans

Really where would an artist or musician be without their fans? They'd be starving, struggling, still playing street corners and coffee shops. It's good to see when a musician appreciates their fans and some even go as far as to write a song or two about them. Here are 10 Great Songs About the Fans

1. "We Are 138" - Misfits

Ok i'm kind of cheating on the first one here. No one really knows what this song is about, except Glenn Danzig who doesn't say it's about anything beyond "violence". When the Misfits were first getting started they had a small gathering of fans whom they called Fiends. The Fiend Club was the name for it officially and the rumour was that around the time "We Are 138" was written there were 138 official members of the Fiend Club. True or not, who knows. I'm not going to say I know for sure, because I would hate for Danzig to come and pummel me.

2. "4 U" - Korn

From the 1999 album Issues. Korn has always had a strong connection with their fans, from naming songs after them specifically or just understanding the power that music can have to get young people through difficult parts of their lives. In much the same way, singer Johnathan Davis has said if it wasn't for the support of many of the band's fans he might not have made it through some tough times on his own. The song "4 U" is dedicated to all Korn fans.

3. "Down" - 311

Man I love 311, but how do you describe them? Hard hitting guitars infused with funk, reggae, hip-hop and punk elements. Every song is different from the last, which is likely why they never got much attention from mainstream media. They'd have no idea where to pigeon toe them into. 311 have always had a large loyal following despite little mainstream help, "Down" is the band thanking the true fans for always being there.

4. "Born For This" - Paramore

Another simple song dedicated to fans of the band who's support helped Paramore release a second album. This song also features a nod to a band that Paramore is a fan of. The lyrics "we want the airwaves back" is from a song by Swedish band Refused called "Liberation Frequency". Maybe Refused will write a song thanking Paramore.

5. "From Me To You" - The Beatles

At the time of it's release "From Me To You" was described by a British newspaper as a "sub-par" Beatles song. Upset by this label John Lennon realized that from then on out he needed to be mindful of the quality of the songs he records and never forgot that paper's comments. "From Me To You" was written as a message to their fans before the band became popular in America.

6. "Pulse Of The Maggots" - Slipknot

Some artists have cute and endearing nicknames for their fans, "Beliebers" comes to mind. "Dead Heads" is another. If you're a dedicated Slipknot fan the band affectionately refers to you as a maggot. This came from the viewpoint from the stage as the band is performing, the constant movement of the crowd looked like a "Pulse of Maggots".

7. "We Love You" - The Rolling Stones

When Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Brian Jones had their homes raided by Sussex police in 1967 it began a new chapter of their life. One that would not only find the Rolling Stones charged with various drug offences, but also an eye-opening time where the wonder and love of living a free life would come to be questioned as reality by the band members themselves. It was a dark and trying time, but to thank the fans who stuck with them and several other groups who would show their support (namely The Beatles and The Who) The Rolling Stones wrote and recorded 'We Love You".

8. "Fans" - Kings Of Leon

Before the release of 2008's Only By The Night Kings Of Leon had found success with 3 previous albums and while those albums were released in their native US, the biggest support and fanbase they found was in the UK. Their early albums either hit #1 or broke the the top ten in the UK while barely making any waves in North America. The second single off of the 2007 album Because Of The Times is called "Fans" and it is a direct thank you message to the love and support of their followers in the United Kingdom.

9. "If U Think U Know Me" - Orianthi

More people might know who Orianthi is had Michael Jackson's This Is It had gone off as planned. She was personally selected by the King Of Pop to be the lead guitarist for his farewell concert series before his death put a halt on the whole operation. Hailing from Australia, she has several studio albums to her name. 2013's Heaven In This Hell has the song "If U Think U Know Me" which is about her fans and the rush she gets from seeing them at her shows singing the lyrics right back at her.

10. "Blitzkrieg Bop" - The Ramones

The Ramones are one of the most influential punk bands of all time. They earned a quick and gigantic following in the late 70's and 80's around their native New York City. They themselves loved the bugglegum pop sound of the time, namely "Saturday Night" by The Bay City Rollers and wanted a song that was a call to arms to their fans and had a chant that could be sung along to just like "Saturday Night". "Blitzkrieg Bop" was born as was the now legendary punk chorus "Hey Ho Let's Go"

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