Thursday, 22 October 2015

10 Great Songs To Be Used as Jonny & G Anthems

The Jonny & G birthday bash is the greatest party on Earth, hosted by two bad-ass mamajama samurais named Jonny & G. Yes i am one half of that duo and it might blow your mongrel mind to find out that I am not the Jonny of the equation...I am the G. This year saw the 15th anniversary of the bash and looking back (& forward) there have been plenty of great songs discovered and uncovered during the festivities. Songs that now when heard Jonny and G can't help but remember the times shared with good people and copious amounts of booze. Though we are always looking for new party tunes, so a few of these haven't been tested yet, but would rather make great anthems for parties of the future. Jonny and G bitches!!

1. Metallica - "Am I Evil?"

Going way back to kick it off. At the very first installment of the J&G Bash we found ourselves at one of our favourite watering holes. Unbeknownst to us that night however, a heavy metal cover band named Undead were tearing the place apart. Memories are foggy, but I vaguely remember singing at least 2 verses of this song with the long-haired lead singer. The song is actually a cover of an old Diamondhead tune that Metallica recorded for a b-Side to the 1984 "Creeping Death" single.

2. Korn - "Y'all Wanna Single"

Jonny & G say "fuck" alot when we're together. At the 2004 birthday bash, which had a random mafia theme, i distinctly remember dancing and swearing and screaming along to Korn's "Y'all Wanna Single"...and then not much else is remembered from that night. Noticing a trend here? By the way, Metallica is my lifeblood. Korn is Jonny's Metallica.

3. Dropkick Murphys - "Going Out In Style"

Celtic inspired punk is always great drinkin', partyin' music. This one hasn't been used as a Jonny & G anthem yet, but if there comes a day when we decide to end the tradition on our terms, this song should definitely be on the soundtrack

4. Drowning Pool - "Step Up"

I forget what year it was, maybe the 2008 Keg Party, where we used Drowning Pool's "Step Up" as the theme. You might noticing that all these songs have a certain edge to them as well. Heavy music is one thing that Jonny & I initially bonded over way back in the day, so it's expected that most of the music played is of that ilk. Now, Jonny and I have a certain reputation at our parties. First to rise last to fall sorta thing, we drink alot, smoke, fight, say fuck, eat things, Dwight Yoakum. All of it. Sometimes people come to these parties, scoff at us and try to go toe to toe with ol' Jonny & G. Soon they find themselves sleeping in their car, with their head in a bucket/toilet or slammed with a folding chair. Hence the theme to 2008 was "Step Up".

5. Mischief Brew - "Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell"

This one is the official theme song to Jonny & G. Originally introduced to the duo for the 2006 "balls out limo bash" it has since become synonymous with the party. It was even performed live at the 2009 "texas mickey mosh". There is talk of tattooing some of the lyrics on ourselves, but that might have to wait another bash or six.

6. Misfits - "Where Eagles Dare"

Just this year a record player was present at the 2015 "Dwight Cabin Calamity" and one of the few records there was a collection of old Misfits tracks. "I ain't no goddamn sunofabitch!!!!" was a line that really stood out for us and was repeatedly chanted. There were plans to learn the obviously simple song in the morning, but drinking.

7. Dallas Green - "Sleeping Sickness"

I know this one kinda sticks out from the rest, but Dallas Green gets a nod because he made a celebrity cameo appearance at the 2012 "Raptor's Hotel Haunt" and bought me a drink. Good guy! Thanks Dallas! Call me!

8. Ween - "It's Going To Be A Long Night"

Another song not yet unleashed on the Birthday bash, but one that certainly has the lyrical content to be considered. There's a thing at J&G Bashes...thats the virgins. No, not those virgins, Jonny and G Birthday Bash virgins. People who are brave enough to accept our offer, without fully understanding or preparing for the events that will follow. This song is a great 'walk in the door' track for those brave souls

9. Gershwin - "Rhapsody In Blue"

I had to do it. There was an odd moment at Jonny & G 2013 "Ottawa Drinks Shirts" where the discussion of pump-up songs came about, everybody had some good input until Ben Oakes insisted we listen to "Rhapsody in Blue". The moment would not have been memorable had Mr. Oakes not pranced and pirouetted around the room for the entire duration of the song. It was weird.

10. Mark Morrison - "Return Of The Mack"

Jonny HP requested that I add this one and how could I NOT? There is no other jam in the history of life that gets a party started, going or ended like "Return Of The Mack". When you are going to a party and want to make an entrance? "Return Of The Mack". Cruising down the road, trolling for chicks? Return that Mack baby!!! When you hit a fadeaway jumpshot and win the game for the Lakers. One song and one song only! Return of the motherfucking Mack!!

11. Against Me! - "We Laugh At Danger & Break All The Rules"

Yup i'm doing 11 instead of 10. Cuz Fuck you!! I'm G mother -effers!!!
This song was the award winning nominee of the anthem for 2015 and future Jonny and G events going forward. It's not going to replace Mischief Brew, but party along beside it. Loads of great energy, a wicked bad-ass band and one of the most fitting song titles in Jonny and G history. Jonny & G 2016 baby!!! See ya there!!!

we rule....basically


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